‘Please help me get my car back and save my Christmas’.

Single mum of two Sharlene Tees became a Havering hero when she not only tracked down her stolen car but confronted the thief and got her belongings back.

The Harold Hill resident became the borough’s local legend after having the determination to get her car back and not be another victim in an unsolved case.

Sharlene told the Havering Daily:

“I was determined to get my car and my phone back. The police clearly weren’t interested in helping me so I did it all myself. I wasn’t prepared to be another victim at the hands of a horrid person who tried to intimidate me”.

The thief had tried to intimidate Sharlene by winking at her as he sped off with her car but Sharlene soon turned the table on him and shouting at him ‘remember me?’ When she saw him leave the premises where her stolen car was parked.

However, Sharlene’s car was removed by police and taken to a car pound in Charlton where her insurance company have taken the vehicle away following the damage it was left with and now Sharlene is left with a hefty £400 excess bill to pay to get her car back.

Why should victims suffer because of the criminal’s offence? It is near Christmas and I have to provide for my children. I don’t have the money to pay this”.

Sharlene has now set up a go fund me page asking people to help her pay for her excess.

If you can help Sharlene please see her go fund me page below. She is a single mum, trying to provide the best and determined to not be another statistic of crime.

Read more – https://gf.me/u/wngdnn

Donate directly here: https://gf.me/u/wngdnq

Forward this message to your contacts to help this campaign reach its target!

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