VIDEO: ‘When I returned I found my dad looking shocked and stumbling about in the road. He told me he’d been robbed’.


A woman from Collier Row who’s elderly father was robbed four weeks ago has spoken to the Havering Daily about her frustrations as still no police action has been taken despite CCTV footage showing the suspects.

Tracy Allgrove’s father Michael was robbed of a thousand pounds in Harold Hill and footage from CCTV cameras shows the suspects entering the front of the car and taking the envelop with the money in it.

CCTV footage shows the suspect entering Tracy’s car.

Tracy told the Havering Daily:

My dad rang to say he needed to go to the bank to pay to get his trees cut. When I went round to see him he said the people doing the tree cutting were friends of his neighbours and were cutting their trees as well.

I knocked on his neighbour’s door to confirm if this was true as I wanted to verify this for myself but sadly no one was in next door.

I questioned the man myself and asked him have you got a licence? And he answered yes. But what I didn’t know is they had offered to take my eighty two year old dad to the bank themselves.

I took dad to the bank in Harold Hill and I left dad sitting in the car with the money in an envelope and my bag in the foot well of my car to be safe. I told dad I wouldn’t be a minute as I just had to grab four items.

When I returned minutes after I found my dad looking shocked and stumbling about in the road. He told me he’d been robbed.

Men had approached the car and told dad they had hit my car and could he go and have a look at the damage. As he got out another man went in the car from the front passenger side and took the envelope with the money.

I then went into the bank to see if they had any CCTV cameras and they didn’t so I went into nearby local shops checking to see who had CCTV footage.

I bought my dad home and made him a cup of tea and tried to calm him down. His neighbours confirmed they weren’t friends of theirs and had not done all the work they had been paid for. We told the tree men not to do the work as dad had no money.’

Tracy is now asking how it was that the robbers already knew what bank they were going to and were already waiting for them ready to rob the money.

Four weeks on and despite CCTV footage Tracy is unhappy with how slowly the investigation is progressing.

‘It’s taken the police three and a half weeks to get the CCTV footage. I received a call on the 8th of October from a police officer saying she had got good images and could she come and see for a statement and that’s the lady I have heard from her.

I received an email from a police Sargent stating that unfortunately four weeks is not an unusual length of time for things and that’s how things are today but that’s not good enough’.

Since then I have had people volunteer to do my dad’s trees free of charge but I’m still waiting for the investigation to proceed’.

CCTV footage shows the suspects entering the car and taking the envelope.

CCTV footage of the suspect entering the car.

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