Community infrastructure not at all what it seems.

South Hornchurch Residents Association Councillor Graham Williamson writes for the Havering Daily.

The recent introduction of a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) upon developers in Havering (as reported in the Havering Daily) is welcome but deceptive. The Council Leader failed to tell the Daily the full story. Developers never contribute enough

Developers have always had to contribute towards infrastructure costs via 106 agreements to cover new local need e.g. a pedestrian crossing, and a contribution towards schools too e.g £4.5k (in the South!) or £6k for each property of 2+ bedrooms. This was never enough.
Disastrously short of money

The new CIL will raise more monies than before but unfortunately it is still going to be disastrously short of what Havering needs! 

It is calculated that the borough requires over the next four years only nearly £578m to pay for new medical centres, road and rail improvements etc. However, the CIL is only projected to raise £67m, and with other contributions of just £134m, this is £377m (65% short!).The improved services we need will not materialise

In reality it looks as if many of the needed works to accommodate new people via developments will not take place/be built. This is going to be a big problem for the borough and those who will ‘pay the price’ will be existing residents. 

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