Autistic Climate Entrepreneurs

Conservative activist Charlie Keeble today writes in the Havering Daily about Greta Thunberg and the climate crisis.

Greta Thunberg has given an emotional speech to the United Nations about climate change. In her speech she berates the world leaders by saying ‘You have stolen my dreams, my childhood. How dare you! I shouldn’t be here, I should be back in school. For more than 30 years the science has been crystal clear.’ Greta has shown great pride in her work and has great talent as an orator, and I commend for her actions. 

There has been a lot of criticism to Greta for the way in which she has approached the world stage with her climate activism. Especially because she has aspergers syndrome, a form of autism that I also have. It’s a neurological condition characterised by social awkwardness, increased sensitivity in senses and a heightened intelligence in special interests and subjects. 

In the right-wing media Greta has been depicted as a ‘mentally disturbing child’ used as a front by eco-activists to push their agenda. She has rebutted these criticisms by saying that ‘aspergers is a gift’ that has made her a role model. Speaking as an actual autistic and a conservative I find her to be a good role model to associate with my activism for neurodiversity advocacy. For years I have struggled to be accepted because of the negative perception of disabled people in the mainstream. 

But there is one thing that I disagree with about Greta on her climate change crusade. I too advocate for climate activism only in a different way to how organisations like Extinction Rebellion do it. Of the action that they speak publicly about they want the governments of the world to reduce industrialisation, create societies that control what people do to avoid polluting the planet, incriminate poor people for being unable to afford to run their lives in an eco-friendly manner, etc. 

I study climate and earth science myself and I understand the needs to protect the environment. The only major difference between me and Greta is that I target and engage with creative entrepreneurs to build solutions to the problems. Climate activists should not think of themselves as doom mongering cultists, but engineers and eco-capitalists. There are plenty of solutions to environmental problems, but most of the time it’s rarely reported and instead a scare story and agenda it publicised. Here are some examples:

Plant based Lego bricks

One of my all-time favourite toys is Lego, a Danish invention whose name translates as ‘Play Well’. But can Lego play well in the environment with bricks made of plastic. Not as such, but it can change it’s make up. Lego brick are made from an oil-based plastic called ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), it’s very strong and can last forever. But it’s also something that can be swallowed by small animals. What Lego can do is swap ABS for it’s bricks with the plant based plastic PLA (Poly Lactic Acid). This one when exposed to nature can decompose and break down, making it safe to be deposited in landfill and less likely to be swallowed by animals. 

Electricity from Waste

Burning away our own rubbish as fuel to eliminate landfills is also a good idea. In Greta’s home country Sweden, there are virtually no landfills. Around 52% of Sweden’s waste goes into a waste to energy programme where it’s used as fuel for power stations. You can get one tonne of energy from three tonnes of waste, and Sweden produces 4.4 million tonnes of waste a year. Britain produces 27 million tonnes of waste every year, of which 45% is recycled and 55% can be used as fuel in a waste to energy programme. That’s about 15 million tonnes, of which it can produce 5 million tonnes of energy or 9 million tonnes if you include the non-recyclable stuff.  

Water Technology from Israel

In 2025 it’s predicted that 60% of the world’s landmass will experience water shortages and that will lead to instability and civil war. The climate activists should look to see who is infringing on their crusade because the Palestinian – Israeli conflict and the BDS movement is compromising the solution to this problem. Israel is obsessed with water technology and invented many technologies to turn a desert nation into a water superpower. Since the 1930s they have invented many water technologies: cost effective desalination plants, drip irrigation, genetically modified seeds that can grow from sea water and recyclable water waste management.

Israel is good at water innovation that they are able to recycle 80% of their waste water, grow billions of dollars’ worth of produce to export around the world, and provide sustainable water supplies to it’s neighbours that it’s found peace with in Jordan and Egypt. BDS have sided with the climate change lobbyists to stop Israel from saving the world’s water shortages. Why would a climate activist take sides with someone that lies about Israel when the Jewish nation can solve the issues of climate change? I would shut out antisemitism in climate activism to save the planet from destruction. Hatred of Israel and Judaism aggravates climate change. 

Autistic Rebels of Neurodiversity 

Greta Thunberg and I might be at opposites sides of the political spectrum, but we share a common form of objectives. I would to follow Greta’s example of using her autism to inspire autistics around the world. I have seen praise for her on Facebook autism groups and they are ecstatic about her. The best qualities of an autistic brain are that it is useful for science and art to achieve success for the world. 

Greta and I are two examples of each and every autistic person on Earth, we advocate not as a collective, but as individuals. I am one of several millions of autistic advocates of which neither two of us are the same, we have our own individual aspirations to produce something of ourselves. Some of us want to achieve independence and achieve things for the greatness of our intellectuality. Some of us want to make a better world by getting others to follow our lead. Such is the nature of autism that represents a shining light in the world as a beacon of hope. 

My ideas as an autistic conservative are about showing the beauty of creation that can come from an autistic mind and showing other how they can benefit from it. Neurodiversity including autism is about people with beautiful minds, not tragic souls with no purpose. 

I have watched the way the media makes an example of Greta by portraying her as a fighter that has not let her autism stop her. Well her autism makes her strong and courageous. She may have that hysterical, frightened look about her, but I understand her way of expressing herself. I too have occasional awkward and dramatic ways of expressing myself. But I handle it in a way that makes me connect with people in a positive and vibrant way. 

I want to bring to the world through my climate activism a broad array of magnificent inventions and advanced sciences. As an avid autistic science geek, I have seen many innovations that are useful to the Earth’s civilisations. I currently work for a company that supports direct trade investment between the UK and African countries and I am using my expertise to show how water technology can help with the world’s water shortages and create vast agricultural economies.

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