‘He has no compassion and shouldn’t be a teacher if he can’t teach his pupils compassion.’

A woman from Harold Hill has spoken to the Havering Daily about how she felt ‘intimidated’ by a secondary school teacher this morning after challenging him on his pupil’s behaviour.

Picture by Don Tait Friends of Dagnam Park.

Holly was walking her dog in the Manor when she came across sixty plus teenagers doing a cross country run through a wooded area where the deer and other wildlife live.

I saw the large group of children aged about 13 years old from Drapers Academy, run straight into the area where all the deer are. There were around twenty deer there all happily grazing and the teenagers, on their teachers instructions ran straight through this area sending the deer scattering everywhere.

Most of us dog walkers know to either walk through a different part or keep our dogs on a lead there so we don’t disturb our deer. Yet these teachers allowed around sixty odd pupils to run straight through their area.

I was very upset about this as it really shocked the deer and sent them running everywhere. They were scared and panicking and ran amongst people and dogs getting even more frightened.

I was so shocked by the fact that these three teachers just stood there and let their pupils run right in the middle of all the wildlife with no consideration or respect for their environment.

They caused utter havoc, so I approached a female teacher and said to her ‘this is the area the deer live in and they are vulnerable, can’t you have some compassion for the animals?’

The female teacher ignored me and two male teachers came over to me. One with red hair, was intimidating, squaring up to me as he spoke. He said to me ‘you’ve got a dog, there are dogs off their leads you’re just as bad.’

I told him that we all try and keep our dogs on the lead to respect our wildlife. I told him as a teacher he should show respect and compassion and should be teaching his pupils to have respect and compassion for animals and wildlife.

He then started saying that I clearly had nothing better to do with my time than have a go at kids when I was having a go at the irresponsible teachers not the pupils.

We are near rutting season soon so the stags become very protective and if one attacks a pupil then we will land up with the usual comments of how deer are dangerous.

I told him he was just arrogant and was happy to frighten innocent animals in their habitat.

He answered that he would be doing this every week. He has no compassion and shouldn’t be a teacher if he can’t teach his pupils compassion.’

Councillor Jan Sargent, Gooshays ward councillor and an active animal campaigner told the Havering Daily, ‘We are extremely fortunate to have such a beautiful Nature Reserve abundant with wildlife literally on our doorstep.

With over 300 acres this should be an ample amount of space for all of us to enjoy. For this to happen we must realise that we need to show respect to not only the environment but also the wildlife which live within the park.

In particular at this time of year we need to be extra vigilant as we are fast approaching the rutting Season. This is when male deer challenge each other for the rights to be with a female. We wouldn’t anyone to be caught up in that.

By respecting them and keeping out of the way, everything should be fine as it has been for hundreds of years. We also have badger sets and wild flora which needs to be protected.

The community of Harold Hill are very passionate about the deer and wildlife, it too is part of our community and alongside us we will do our utmost to protect them. I suggest the school comes to an agreement with relevant officials to decide on which area’s are best to use for cross country running etc.’

The Havering Daily approached Drapers Academy for a comment and so far no comment has been given.

Picture by Don Tait Friends of Dagnam Park.

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