Mental health, how you can help.

Today, the Havering Daily starts a new column. Hazel from Harold Hill a mental health sufferer writes about the challenges mental health conditions can cause people on a daily basis. To begin with she tackles the difficult topic of anxiety.

One of the most common mental health conditions is anxiety. People can get very nervous over the smallest of things.  I find travelling to unfamiliar places almost impossible.   I always have someone with me or my therapy dog but it still feels awful.  My heart races and I panic. I get myself into a right state thinking I can’t cope and imagining the worst. It can cause me to have a severe panic attack. 

If you saw someone becoming upset, frustrated or anxious maybe you could help.  Ask if they are ok and if they need any help. Give them time to explain the problem. Encourage them to breathe and help them to calm down. Offer water. Ask if there is anyone you can call for them. 

Some vulnerable people get anxious when there is a knock at the door. Halloween will be here before we know it. Please think before you knock on a door trick or treating. If there are no decorations maybe avoid knocking. 

The most important thing to remember is to try to understand the condition. Some problems may seem small to some but huge to others.  With help and understanding these problems can be overcome. Don’t avoid people with mental health problems. We are all human and we all need some support from time to time. United we can beat it.

Is there a particular topic regarding mental health that you need advice with or would like to see covered? Please let us know and we can research and cover it for you.

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