‘My son was stabbed to death and died on the street, yes he was just another black boy, but he was my son, my heart’.

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Peguy with her son Champion

Peguy Kato from Harold Hill lost her son in 2013. Champion was stabbed to death in Newham and died on the streets. Today Peguy has shared with the Havering Daily her feelings on knife crime and how she has coped since the death of her son.

My heart is so broken and totally unrepairable. It’s so painful for me to think that on the 19th September my son Champion Ganda was supposed to be 24 years old .

I still remember the day I gave birth to Champion, the day we moved to the United Kingdom and the way my son died. He was stabbed to death multiple times and died on the street and yes he was just another black boy.

The day I lost my son was as if my heart stopped beating and I stopped breathing. I still don’t understand how I have managed to make it to today but I know God clearly wants me to live for a reason.

Losing my son sent me into depression but after I realised that no human being can take my pains away because when you have lost your son, you will understand life clearly in a different way.

My friends and my family were in pain too and didn’t know what to say to me. They were distraught to see the pain in my face, I felt very lonely, just myself and my children.

Victim Support were there to comfort me which I really appreciated, however they could not understand the pain the loss of a child leaves you with. So I stopped their services and started to pray and cried to God everyday and every night for a year.

I never wanted my children to see me cry, so I started to pray and cried in my bedroom. Then I began talking to God and telling him how much I miss my son so much and I wish he was here with us. Everyday I saw the pain in the rest of my children’s faces. It was etched into them.

My household became very sad, no one was talking anymore and I didn’t know what to say to my children or how to justify the death of their older brother.

I began removing all the knives in my house because when I touched a knife I thought about the way my son had died and I couldn’t even bring myself to hold knife in my hand. I would shake violently when holding one.

Someone took the light out of my life when Champion died. After the coroner had finished with my son’s body, I could not recognise him anymore. My son’s face was different and I can easily said that it was not my son.

I know lot of people out there reading this will think Champion was only a black boy and we don’t care as they are black killing other black people, but let me tell you this, he was my son, my heart, my future.

Now to remember Champion I have started a charity and named it ‘All Champion’s Charity’, We want to help every child and family and we don’t care about the colour or religion. For me every child is special and every child is a champion.

I have lived in Havering for 10 years and Champion studied at the Royal Liberty school and I still have Champion’s siblings in Drapers Academy in Harold Hill, Now with the All Champion charity we want to go into schools to talk about the impact of choosing your friends wisely and how parents feel when the loose a child.

The charity also have a family support group to support parents like myself and others who have lost a child and in this group we listen to each other and we share our story.

For my son’s birthday we are going to have a football match event where All Champion charity boys will play against Hackney Wick FC. We are going to celebrate Champion’s memory because my son always loved to play football and when he was 8 years old, he was playing at Arsenal Junior football club.

My message to everyone out there is let’s forget about colour and let’s support each other for our community, because the more we neglect each other, the more we will never have a safe community.

Every parent wants to have a clear mind knowing your child is outside or on their way back to school and is safe. Knife crimes are affecting everyone, let all of us stand together and stop this.

Since my son’s death in 2013, the number of children’s death has risen a lot and is affecting many parts of our society. My charity is out there to support people and to show love and kindness, the only answers to these ongoing problems and nightmares parents are dealing with on a daily basis. Please let us all join hands regardless of colour and stand united against the horrors of knife crime.

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