Fire blazes at Hornchurch country park

Picture Credit to Kevin Webster

A fire is believed to have broken out at Hornchurch country park last night just before eight o clock.

Eye witnesses report seeing a huge blaze burning and rapidly spreading before fire fighters arrived.

Kevin Webster told the Havering Daily, ‘I received a phone call from my girlfriend saying there was a fire at the country park. She had called 999 and then she phoned me shocked at what she saw.

I went down there and saw that the blaze was rapidly spreading. At first there were only three or four fire fighters on scene, then lots of fire engines arrived and there were fire fighters everywhere closing off the streets and running hoses across the road.

It burned for about an hour but the fire fighters were pretty quick in beating it out, I have never seen a fire of that magnitude before. I think a good part of the woodland went up.

More to follow……..


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