Travellers move to Hilldene Close.

Caravans arrived this morning on the small patch of green.

Travellers have arrived on a small patch of green outside the old disused Harold Hill library in Hilldene Close, Harold Hill.

The travellers have been moving around Harold Hill over the past few weeks, having recently been outside Dagnam Park where local residents complained after witnessing children and adults using the park as a toilet.

Their latest spot is in front of the Hilldene shopping centre and outside of a disused building.

One local resident, who did not wish to be named told the Havering Daily ‘They keep parking up all over our area here in Harold Hill and leaving the area they use a complete mess.

They leave rubbish everywhere and urinate in public. It’s awful, I hope the Council stops them and moves them on. We don’t want them here anymore’.

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