Hornchurch Round Table announces Christmas Santa Charity Collection.

The Hornchurch Round Table is pleased to announce the return of its annual Christmas Santa Charity Collection, set to take place on the dates below:

Tuesday 12th December ( Bruce Ave ) | Wednesday 13th December ( Standen Ave ) | Friday 15th December ( Candover Road ) |Monday 18th December ( Westland Ave ) | Tuesday 19th December ( Maybank Ave ) | Wednesday 20th December ( St Andrews ) | Thursday 21st December ( Northwood Ave ) | Friday 22nd December ( Hylands Way (Close))

Building on the resounding success of last year’s event, the Round Table is once again calling on the community to help.

In 2022, the Christmas Santa Charity Collection saw an unprecedented level of participation and generosity from the Hornchurch community. This year, the Round Table aims to replicate this success and extend its impact even further.

In addition to cash donations, which will be distributed to a variety of local charities, the 2023 Christmas Santa Charity Collection will also be accepting donations of the following:

Tinned meats | Tinned fish | Toilet rolls | Tinned tomatoes | Tinned vegetables | Shampoo | Shower gel | Tinned fruit | Toothpaste | Tinned rice pudding and Custard | Washing up Liquid | Biscuits | Washing tablets | Teabags and coffee | Soap | Sugar | Deodorant | Fruit juice/bottle squash | Sanitary products | Long life Milk | Cooking oil | Tomato sauce | Pasta sauces for food banks. This Initiative aims to address food insecurity in the local area, providing essential supplies to families and individuals who need them most.

The Hornchurch Round Table invites everyone to join them. Whether it’s through a cash donation, a contribution of food or toiletries, or simply spreading the word, every bit of support counts.

Together, we can make the 2023 Christmas Santa Charity Collection the most successful yet and bring some much-needed cheer to those in need.

For more information about the event, how to donate, or to get involved, please visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hornchurchRoundTable

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