Romford Town Centre Police teams’ hard work sees 10 weapons seized.

Romford Town Centre officers are dedicated and proactive and their hard work throughout the month of October has seen 10 weapons removed off the streets of Havering.

Throughout last month, the officers made 67 Arrests and 97 searches with a positive outcome rate of 25.77%, 21 Drug and 10 weapons seizures. 

Officers are working extensive hours across the winter months, covering day time, evening and night time economy.  These patrols are carried out both in hi visibility uniform and plain clothes.

They have conducted several joint operations throughout October in partnership with other Police departments, alongside external agencies and local authority and Romford Town Centre partners.

The Town Centre team took part in Operation Metchin and worked with Immigration and the Traffic Road Crime Team units to combat violence amongst delivery drivers on mopeds in Romford, due to community calling for action, resulting in 3 x arrests for immigration offences and 5 x vehicle seizures.  

Officers conducted an Operations (Verona and Vigilant) patrolling around the Town Centre, with Behaviour Detection Officers. Officers in plain clothes targeted predatory behaviour outside the various licensed premises during the evening hours and closing times. Walk and Talks have also been conducted with female members of the public to identify areas that they feel most unsafe.  This has seen a reduction in sexual offences in the Town centre.   

Throughout the festive season the team will continue to work in partnership with licensed premises and London Borough of Havering council CCTV office. The councils CCTV control room operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.  The officers are trained to identify any incidents of concern or persons of concern and raise direct to the Police on the radio.  There is a separate Town Centre link that connects, businesses, centre management/security and the Romford Town Centre Team, this provides fast time communication directly with officers.

Town Centre Sergeant James Gaskin said: “Our message is clear, we will not tolerate criminal activity in our Town Centre, we have a robust plan to disrupt those intent on causing issues in our Town Centre.  We gather intelligence in a number of ways.  If you have anything of note regarding those are trying to disrupt your local Town Centre, please speak to us, or email  All information received will be treated in strict confidence.”

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