Harold Hill shop workers unite for meeting with Havering Council Leader.

Following the ongoing shoplifting nightmare, community champions Simon Ford and Jan Sargent organise meeting with Councillor Ray Morgon.

A meeting was held by Harold Hill Shop Association, the Leader of Havering Council Councillor Ray Morgan and councillors from Gooshays and Heaton wards last Thursday 9 November.

The meeting brought together by Harold Hill Shop Association, was a very productive one between all parties, especially talking about issues in and around Hilldene shopping area. Parking issues were also discussed, with new ticket machines to be installed soon.

The redevelopment of Harold Hill was also spoken about, whilst the project in Hilldene was also mentioned with builders working on the roofs, and new doors in the communal areas being installed.

Further meetings with with the shop keepers and councillors are planned to discuss the redevelopment, and of course the important issue of shop lifting in the area was also raised.

Locals are confident that things can change for the better in Hilldene.

Harold Hill Shop Association said the meeting went really well, and they really appreciated the chance to speak to the leader of the council and look forward to look forward to seeing the changes soon.

Simon Ford and Jan Sargent are two fantastic community champions who are fighting hard to have the voices of their local residents and shopworkers heard. It has been a difficult time with the ongoing shoplifting being one of the many issues there, alongside the anti social behaviour happening around the Hilldene area.Their work is relentless and hopefully now, with everyone uniting, so positive results will soon start to show.

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One thought on “Harold Hill shop workers unite for meeting with Havering Council Leader.

  • 16th November 2023 at 7:55 am

    Thank you for mentioning the Harold Hill Councillors who are also instrumental and working tirelessly to bring about positive change in the area. Great to work with the Harold Hill Shop Association and move things forward in such a positive way.

    Councillor Mandy Anderson
    (on behalf of the Heaton and Gooshays Councillors)


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