VIDEO: BT staff strike for two days across Havering.

British Telecom staff embarked in two days of strike action last Friday 29 July and Monday 1 August in response to a low pay rise despite the company recording a revenue growth for the first time in five years.

Staff outside of their Hornchurch depot told the Havering Daily that they were ‘angry’ with the company’s boss Philip Jansen for not giving staff a higher pay rise and that many staff members were also using food banks as they struggled to manage on their salary.

Staff protested outside of the North Street office angry at their poor increase compared with the current cost of living crisis. This is believed to be the first time staff have undertaken strike action since the 1980’s.

Charlotte told the Havering Daily:

“We also worked throughout lock down, we kept the nation going as it was us putting calls through and keeping family members united when they used their phones.

“When you dial 999, we are the first people you speak to who put you through to the right service.”

Staff strike outside of the Hornchurch office yesterday.

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