VIDEO:The Green Wennington-a view of the aftermath following the horrendous fire.

Yesterday, Sunday 24 July the media were given an opportunity to visit the Green in Wennington after the horrific fire blazed through the heart of the small community destroying many properties last Tuesday 19 July. The hottest day the country has ever recorded.

We were shown three different locations by Havering Fire Chief Borough Commander Paul McClenaghan, Havering’s Leader of the Council Councillor Ray Morgan and Havering’s Chief Executive Andrew Blake Herbert.

The first site was the Green itself and a house where it is believed the fire struck just behind it and at the back of the Wennington fire station. The house has been completely destroyed by the fire.

We had the opportunity to walk by the Wennington church parish where fire had engulfed the church but has left the church standing without any damage whatsoever, including a wooden bench that was placed on church grounds that remained completely intact despite the fire blazing on the nearby land.

We were then shown how the fire travelled across grassland at the back of the area and spread to nearby houses wiping out a whole row of houses, destroying everything and literally leaving nothing but a pile of ashes behind.

Fire Chief Paul then showed us how the fire jumped across the road and began to burn the field in front of the houses and destroying a farm house nearby.

The devastation we witnessed was truly heartbreaking knowing that so many families have lost everything in this horrendous blaze.

Havering’s Leader of the Council, Councillor Ray Morgon thanked all the emergency services for their incredible work, the utilities company that were at the site yesterday to fix gas lines, the local community for coming together during such challenging times and Pippa’s Army Volunteers for their amazing work rescuing many animals stranded after the blaze.

The land around the church that burned in the fire.
The church that was left completely untouched by the blaze.
The fire travelled on grassland across the back of the properties.
Houses destroyed in the blaze.
Houses destroyed by the blaze.
The land in front of the houses where the fire spread.

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