Infinity Magazine picks Mercury for its first Sci Fi and Cult Film Convention.

When it comes to Sci-fi and cult magazines, Infinity Magazine has quickly become one of the leading publications in the UK, hardly surprising given that the show runners of the magazine also run one of the worlds leading Horror Magazines, Darkside a publication that has been running for over 30 years. Now Infinity Magazine has created its first convention and its coming to The Mercury and Premiere Cinemas on September 3rd. 

The all-day convention will include screenings of Starcrash, Konga, John Carpenter’s The Thing, Forbidden Planet, movie versions of The Sweeney, Please Sir! And Up Pompeii along with a selection of classic TV shows from the 70s and 80s. In addition to showing great entertainment on the screen there are a number of incredible guests showing up Bond Girls Caroline Monro and Madelaine Smith are joined by Jess Conrad, Diane Keen, Norman Eshley, David Barry, Linda Marlowe and horror icon Linda Hayden, are some already announced guests and you simply never know “Who” else will turn up, between them they dominated TV and film from the 1950s through to the 1980s and are all seeing a massive resurgence on both TV and the festival scene. 

As entertainment on screen, autographs and photo-ops are not enough, there will also be a large number of vendors selling merchandise everything from Artwork, DVD’s, Blu-rays and books, through to clothing and other merchandise including of course Darkside and Infinity magazine. To top it off there will be a bar with local brewed ales, film themed cocktails and of course non-alcohol related refreshments.

“Earlier in 2022 we invited Allan & Yannie Bryce of Darkside Magazine to Romford Horror Festival and we quickly started talking about what if Infinity Magazine had their first ever convention here, because the options available for them for them”. Said Centre Manager and director of Romford Film Festival Spencer Hawken. “There is so much already happening here it was only a matter of time before Romford had a convention of some sort, and we are thrilled that the Bryce’s picked us for their first Infini-Fest.”

Premiere Cinema has emerged as a big supporter for running events beyond the confines of being a cinema, as well as supporting Romford’s Film Festivals, they have also hosted a large number of UK film premieres, seminars and earlier this year The Havering Small Business Awards. 

If the event proves successful in Romford Infini-fest 2 will hopefully be winging its way to Romford in May next year. 

Tickets cost £35 and the event will start around 10.30am through until late. 

Tickets need to be purchased in advance in order to make the event is big as it can be, to do so you can go to or You can pay by Credit/Debit card or Paypal and if you prefer you can send a cheque or postal order to Ghoulish Publishing at: 29 Cheyham Way, South Cheam, Surrey SM2 7HX Once payment is received they will post you a signed, bespoke, individually numbered ticket. Tickets can be purchased until August 27th but only 400 places are available so book early to avoid disappointment.

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