Looking for secret artists and creative people in Rainham.

The Havering Changing Rainham Creativity Squad alongside the National Trust Rainham Hall and Bluer Skies Mindful Creatives have teamed up in the search for hidden and unknown creative people of their town. This is a fantastic opportunity for all creative people who live and work in Rainham, RM13 to be in an exhibition at the National Trust Rainham Hall & Gardens in their Hayloft space during August 2022.

The aim is to uncover all the creative people who might not call themselves an artist and hide their artistic endeavours from the world. Havering Changing are looking to find the people who secretly craft away in their garden sheds, who secretly draw in their bedroom, who secretly build in their basement but never show anyone else because they might not consider themselves to be ‘an artist’.

With the understanding that many people might be shy about showing their creative work, the team have given people the option to remain anonymous in the exhibition to eliminate any worries and to encourage people to submit their artworks. 

Havering Changing is looking to discover hidden talent and provide a platform to showcase the creativity we know is out there. It doesn’t matter if people haven’t exhibited before and everyone is encouraged to take part and support interested people in doing so.

James Jackson, Havering Changing Project Director told the Havering Daily: ‘The Secret Artist exhibition is a great opportunity to prove that everyone is an artist. I am so excited to see all of the amazing creativity on display at Rainham Hall in August.

“Havering Changing is all about bringing people together to choose, create and participate in their own inspiring creative programme happening on the doorstep in Harold Hill, Orchard Village, Rainham & Romford.”

Please see below link to submission form and how to apply:https://www.haveringchanging.org/news/secret-artist-exhibition

Submissions are open until midnight on the 11th July. If you do have any questions please email : secret-artist@haveringchanging.org

Looking for Rainham’s secret artists and creators.

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