‘The bottom line is that the government are failing to regulate rail companies and must properly fund TfL’.

The Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas talks to the Havering Daily about the week’s tube and rail strike.

Today marks the first day of a week’s long strike action by tube and rail workers. Mr Cruddas told the Havering Daily:

“People have a right to defend their living standards, their employment rights, and ultimately have the right to withhold their labour if their livelihoods are under threat. However, during a cost-of-living crisis where industrial action of this scope will significantly impact working people, especially those who cannot afford to lose a day’s work, I think more effort should have been made to get round the table through ACAS and find a middle ground.

Mr Cruddas added: “I’ve had people contacting me saying they can’t get to work, or they are set to miss out on shows, all losing hundreds of pounds whichever way you look at it. I don’t support any cuts to frontline jobs but equally there needs to be a level of understanding about the people who will be directly affected by the actions this week. The bottom line in all this is that the government are failing to regulate rail companies and must properly fund Transport for London to avoid future disputes.

“Last year the Labour-led Welsh Government announced it would be prioritising investment in public transport, and in particular the rail network as part of their plans to meet net-zero commitments. Perhaps this is why the RMT currently have no dispute with Transport for Wales, and the Tory Government should take a leaf out of Labour-led Wales’s book.”

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