Romford’s wizard who is adding a touch of magic to the area.


Trevor the wizard is a known figure in the Romford area and a man who is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Daily dressed in his wizarding robes and hat, Trevor is known to all the locals and is always on hand to make people smile with his positive energy that is very much needed.

For people wondering exactly what is a wizard or if Trevor starred in Harry Potter, then here is what Mr Wizard is all about.

“It is about being at one with yourself, having mind, body and spirit in harmony. I say prayers in the forest and have a Tibetan sound bowl that I use to make special sounds to go with my prayers and help mother nature.

“I ask the universe to help heal us-society at large from all the negative energy there currently is out there.

“I know technology is vital in today’s society and is very important but I have as less as I possibly can as it can be very bad for our bodies. My main aim is to work with mother nature, respect her and pray to her. I do my own solitary work and try not to get in anyone’s way but just bring some kindness into people’s life.”

Trevor was born in Namibia and lived in Zambia in his younger days where he met his wife and worked out in the open on a farm. In 2001 the couple moved to Hainault and it was here that he began attending spiritualist churches and got the calling to find his true self.

“I always believed I was a wizard, after attending this church I became a healer and during the lock down period I learnt more and knew then that being a wizard was right for me.”

Trevor loves Romford and walking through the area meeting people. “Romford is a nice place, the shop keepers know me and are always very friendly.”

I asked Trevor what his view on the Harry Potter stories are and magic in general. He replied: “I like Harry Potter, it is fantastic. When children see me, I always ask them if they believe in magic and most reply with a definite yes and ask me what is magic? The answer is very simple, I say to them-did you smile when you saw me? They answer yes- so I tell that is what magic is all about. Making a person smile and being kind to each other.”

Very true words-with just a small act of kindness, we can all make more people smile and Trevor certainly is a character who brings a smile to our faces.

Trevor the wizard.

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