‘It’s selfish people who clearly don’t care about their neighbourhood’.

South Hornchurch resident hits out at fly tippers who repeatedly dump their rubbish on Frederick Road.

A south Hornchurch resident woke up yesterday (Thursday 16 June) to find three tyres dumped on the corner of Frederick Road and Phillip Road. Tony and his wife who are regular dog walkers, are sadly all too familiar with the awful site of people’s fly tipping in their neighbourhood.

“There has always been fly tipping in this area, but this particular corner is exceptionally bad. We see fly tipping there everyday.

“A litter bin used to be on that corner and when it was full, people would leave their trash all over the floor that looked terrible. As a result, the bin was removed and now people just continue to dump their rubbish on the floor.

“People really are very selfish, they dump everything there like sofas, fridges and anything they want. We see tyres, cars and all sorts of stuff dumped here. We all know that in this area companies who don’t want to pay to have their rubbish removed, come and dump it here.”

Tony has lived in the south Hornchurch area all his life and wants people to start respecting the area.

“They clearly are not looking after their own neighbourhood when they fly tip like this. We should respect the area we live in and keep it clean and tidy. The trend of leaving unwanted goods outside of your house for others to take is a good and bad thing as yes it is good to share with others who might be in need, but bad as it also makes the area look terrible.”

Local ward councillor and cabinet member Graham Williamson told the Havering Daily:”Havering has increasingly been suffering from fly tipping over the last few years. This might range from a new resident dumping excess rubbish, whether through ignorance or laziness, to a passing ‘business’ saving the fee at Gerpins Lane. Regardless of who is responsible, it is unacceptable and is an act of anti social behaviour.

“We want Havering to be an exemplary place in which to live in.”

The three tyres dumped on Frederick Road.

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