Romford BID working with Citihawk to deal with pigeon issues in Romford.


Welcome to Milo and Stella who are new members of the team at Romford BID. Along with their trainers, they are flying in the town three times a week to try and encourage the pigeons to take flight and find a new home.

Havering Council’s Street Cleansing team try to keep our streets clean on a daily basis however, this is getting harder with the amount of mess that the pigeons leave behind, not to mention some of the shops that have huge issues with them roosting above entrances and making everywhere look so dirty.

Romford BID are working with CitiHawk who are flying in a number of towns to combat the same issue. Leigh Holmes who is the Director of CitiHawk said: “We are delighted to join Romford BID with Milo and Stella our Harris Hawks, their job is solely to move the pigeons away from the town centre to keep the pigeons from making a mess and to help create a healthy shopping experience.”

Milo and Stella are excited to join Romford BID in order to help keep the pigeons at bay, do come and say hello when you see them and their handler”.

Alongside employing Milo and Stella, the team are working with the Council’s enforcement team to encourage visitors to the town to not feed the pigeons. This has become such as issue particularly over the recent months and so along with new signage, anyone found feeding the pigeons could be faced with a fine.

Julie Frost, BID Director told the Havering Daily: “It is great to have Milo and Stella working with us in Romford. They are beautiful hawks and extremely friendly but when they are flying they scare the pigeons into leaving. We would really like to encourage the public to not feed the pigeons to enable us to keep Romford clean and a healthy place to shop”.

If you are in town and see them with their handler do feel free to say hello to them. They love having their photo taken and their handlers can give you lots of information about them.

Romford BID’s Julie Frost with one of the beautiful birds.

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