Hope and Self Determination for Autistic Conservatives.

Autistic Conservative Charlie Keeble has been juggling campaigning for the Conservatives with promoting self-determination of autism on social media. This is to do with the promotion of his autistic conservative objective to get more autistics to follow conservative and libertarian ideas.  

April is also known to the autistic community of the world as April Autism month. A time for spreading awareness and acceptance of autism across the world and it officially started on the 2nd day of April. Each year I engage in April Autism I get onto social media and promote some theme for my autistic conservative objective. For 2022 I made the theme to promote self-determination of autism and to get the message out there that you can be bright and active in conservativism as an autistic person. 

I wanted to promote autism as a force in conservative and libertarian politics where it has been sorely lacking. Most autistic people that I talk to in autism support groups find politics to be a distressing and awkward subject to engage in. I however, wanted to push for autistics to become engaged in conservative parties and ideologies right across the world. There needed to be someone to give them hope and make them aspirational whatever their circumstances. Bringing stories of autism for the good of building a life for themselves in their community. 

At the same time this was happening, I was in the midst of campaigning for the Conservative party in the Havering Council elections. It was combining my autism advocacy with the campaign in the elections. There are some moments in the campaign that made me as an autistic conservative take pride in my self-determination. 

All autistics come from a broad spectrum of neurological conditions and many of them have different politics and I respect that as I believe in a diversity of thought and intellectually. However, I believe that autistics are strong and brave when they support liberty and freedom as conservatives.

Romford Market is a place where autistic self-determination can take place. It’s a market town where many a great entrepreneur has a business that can keep the town vibrant and active. Throw in a touch of autism and you have a potential for good commodities to trade. Adam Smith, the great Scottish Enlightenment figure, said that real wealth comes from liberating people’s gifts and to do that they must practice their own self interests to create that wealth within their communities. Guided by the invisible hand of creative forces an autistic individual can make that happen for themselves. To do so all of them must have their own freedom from statists that only offer welfare dependency that makes them slaves to the limitations of their impairments. Autism may be a disability but you can create a natural extension of yourself to overcome those obstacles.

I choose to live in a community of free thinkers who have the right to self-determination. Let it be said that autism is not an impairment that leads to less Inalienable rights. The autistics of every nation have a right to live the way they see as being right for their own purpose in life. No autistic person is a servant to master of statehood under the circumstances of their condition. For the state expects autism to be a burden on the health and wellbeing of the people. The state needs to respect and uphold the rights of autistics as a valuable human being.

In the time that I have written for the Havering Daily I have shared some of my articles far and wide on social media. They have made a lot of people talk wildly about my choice in politics. Especially from people who support Labour and the Residents Associations who criticise me for being a Conservative when I have a disability. Saying comments like “What good can the Tories do for the disabled, I see they cut their welfare support money. This autistic conservative is just contradicting himself and he should throw away his blue rosette.” If I was to respond to their comments verbally I would say to them something like this: 

“I am bloody fed up and annoyed with some of these people.There is this big problem with these idiots who say such things that I don’t get ahead in life and made to feel negative about being autistic. They say that I am in the wrong party for autism rights but nothing of usefulness comes from their parties. I bet they probably say privately of me ‘oh look at that, a spastic Tory. Proof that the Conservatives are stupid’.Well let me tell you I write some really good and inspirational stories to show how useful and valuable I and many other autistics in life, and those same leftist disability activists dismiss them as trivial inspiration porn. These people are such constipated fools, full of s**t that can only come out of the mouths. It’s no wonder why they make me miserable and do a disservice to disabled people. Then there are some right wing people who say that the Havering Daily is just letting me write for them as ‘a token Tory spastic’ to show they are not biased. I am treated very well and fairly here and this website is what modern journalism should be about: the objective truth presented to inform people and form their own views on the subject. I do my best to be friendly to the editors and there are many others that are spiteful and bitter towards conservatives.You know a long time ago disabled disability advocates use to p*ss on the pity they got from the charities thinking that was all disabled people deserved. Now they have become happy to be enslaved to the welfare state like puppets in a socialist freak show. Well these useful idiots are getting peanuts from the state and I want freedom from welfare dependency so I don’t have to live it like a house bound spastic. If ever I built my own platform or show in the media proper I would push a big message of hope and determination for autism. I say this to you as an autistic conservative who engages in front line politics, even if you don’t bother to listen, stuff your useless patronising pity, I want something better out of life that I can build for myself and you had better get out of my f**king way or I’ll throttle you until you and take every penny you pinch from the taxpayer and put it to a better use. Like giving the money to the disabled to let the invisible hand that guides them raise them up to achieve financial independence. But you don’t listen to me when I have bright ideas so I probably won’t see myself be successful. But if you do watch me then you won’t be calling me a hopeless useless spastic Tory anymore. B*stards!” 

I do not usually speak negative or rant in my advocacy for autism but I will speak the truth no matter how hurtful it sounds. In the autism community there is a war that I engage in with authentic autistics against the actually autistic cult. This cult treats autism like a monolith that all autistics must be subservient to, and it’s reflected in the way I challenge the left on disability issues. This actually autistic cult are being intellectually abusive and killing individuality. They want me to be an instrument of destruction and make me eat out of their hands to keep me alive. I reject that and strive to be a proud aspirational autistic. I learned how to support myself by learning how to be resilient and persistent.

Autistic Conservative Charlie Keeble.

7 thoughts on “Hope and Self Determination for Autistic Conservatives.

  • 10th May 2022 at 3:47 pm

    As someone with Autism, this is the biggest pile of s I have read on the subject in a long time.

    I grew up pre teen under Labour, with my late teens under Conservatives – I got funding from neither. The level of support was exactly the same, because the level of support was tailored to my needs in both cases. If you want to be independent – you don’t need to take what is offered, and actually being recognised as autistic is now significantly harder due to the health funding in general (which mental health has always been underfunded relatively).

    There’s nothing conservatism offers towards autism in general that’s not offered by more leftward views – it’s not an issue solved by one side of the political spectrum, and requires a balance of policies to solve. The post just screams of someone that is angry at the world and wants to join a movement, thinking that this movement will solve all their issues and allows them to vent anger in a way where the movement will support them regardless of how destructive they are being.

    This post really does not represent people with autism in general, which is what it feels like it is trying to do – it very much represents a singular view point. Hell I work in areas surrounded by people on the spectrum, and it’s well respected in that area. People understand it, and people make allowances for that because they understand everyone in the field is different – that won’t be the same everywhere, but broadly those on the spectrum are not treated as lesser people, nor should they be… that’s neither left nor right policy.

    • 10th May 2022 at 4:57 pm

      Of course it represents a singular point of view. It’s my point of view. What are your comments here meant to be? What is it about your criticisms Gareth? You are just like the actually autistic cult who I see in autism groups online cursing people for using words and descriptions of autism that they like to police and denounce autistics for not thinking the way they see. Autism is not represented by a monolithic symbol or identity it’s a community of individuals with their own views. Your comments are just about the same as a white leftist denouncing a black man for being a conservative, for which I get similarly chastised by leftist autistics for having conservative values and it got me kicked out and half-cancelled. You might as well promote a campaign to save the NHS by supporting eugenics, especially for people who are the wrong type of disabled person.

      • 10th May 2022 at 6:02 pm

        The point i make is the view is in no way representative of the vast majority of individuals. If you made an argument with merited points, i would address them – the issue is you havent. It is just a spew of nonsense which then makes it rather difficult to academically address without lowering to the same level. This is not a post thats working productively towards an end goal, its just a rant on the way you feel you have been treated by some bogeyman that you seem to treat as a single entity whilst arguing for individuality,

        For example, the point about Labour or the Housing Association not offering an alternative thats suitable to you or autism – fair. But then it doesnt make a point as to why Conservatives do offer something that is suitable to you or autism other than “freedom”, which it doesnt actually expand upon at all – nothing in what is said suggests why voting any other way would reduce said freedom. The conclusion to be made is that being autistic is not a big thing for you electorally and thus you support conservatives because thats where you lie politically. But then it tries to make a big deal out of being a conservative, and being autistic like these are part of the same identity. People are not “enslaved” by the welfare state – its possible to reject it and go and live your own life. There is no actual point being made here as to why someone would want to be a conservative, or why you should be active as an autistic person within conservatism because it fails simple logic tests. The post is not talking to autistic people to get them into conservatism, its talking to non autistics and telling them to f off.

        My comment is not the same as what you compared them to, because im not saying an autistic person should vote on the left or the right – hell ive voted both sides depending on the issue at hand. Autistic people are just people – and people are on the left and right of politics. But the reason why people vote on various sides are complex, and if you are going to suggest a group should be active on a certain side – maybe give them a genuine, thought out reason for why they should do so. The post seems to suggest Autistic members of the community should be treated without any identity, because there is no politics directly affecting them – whilst also suggesting they should have an identity in politics without seemingly any actual goals. Welfare for example – some need it, others dont. If you dont need it, then you do not need to claim it if you see negatives attached to it… but thats an individuals choice to make. Being a conservative doesnt make you a “free thinker”, and the post gives no evidence to suggest why thatd be the case.

        There are plenty of idiots out there that are not autistic, the last few years have proven that. Similarly being autistic does not make you an idiot – there are plenty of people leading their fields on a global level with autism, and in many ways it can have its positives in how passionate and creatively thinking these people can be. But frankly this post makes you look like an idiot – its a rant filled with buzzwords and nonsense that doesnt make any coherent sense – thats not because you are autistic, but it may be because you are an idiot. If you make any informed content in the future, my comments may be more constructive – but the pile of s written above is very hard to be constructive about.

  • 11th May 2022 at 10:49 am

    Appreciate you want your independence and to make a life for yourself but the article reads like a massive rant full of offensive language.

  • 11th May 2022 at 12:25 pm

    I just wanted to say that these two commenters are spot on. There’s nothing of any merit here, just a lot of you being angry at your own community.

    I’d say do better, but you’re a lost cause.

    • 12th May 2022 at 7:53 pm

      I speak the truth about my own personal experience and I continue to speak the truth about genuine autism advocacy. If you are claiming that I am a lost cause then you are living a lie. So I will keep speaking the truth.

  • 12th May 2022 at 10:53 am

    Leftwing snd Liberal are too different things, Many Large Conservative are liberal, many in the left aren’t Small L liberal, the left can be socially conservative


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