Newly elected Labour councillors promise to work together and bring much needed change on the ‘Hill’.

The newly elected Labour councillors for Gooshayes and Heaton ward in Harold Hill have today shared their thanks to their voters for appointing them as local councillors.

The team have stated:

Thank you to all who voted on Thursday. We are humbled and delighted to represent residents of Gooshays and Heaton Wards.

With all 6 Labour and Co-operative Party candidates elected, we will keep our promise to work together and bring real change on the Hill

Our focus will be on better housing, reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, supporting our most vulnerable residents and those affected by the cost of living crisis. Working on flooding issues, improvements to roads, parking and the clean air agenda will also be priorities.

In all matters, we will certainly be visible, approachable and responsive as we work with our residents across Harold Hill

Thank you once again for putting trust in us to prove we are on your side.

Councillors Patricia Brown, Paul McGeary, Katherine Tumilty, Mandy Anderson, Keith Darvill and Frankie Walker.

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