‘This judgement is a reminder of the callous disregard the government has show for care home residents and workers’-Jon Cruddas MP

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Yesterday, Wednesday 27 April High Court judges ruled that the discharging of patients with Covid to care homes without having being tested, was unlawful.

The case against the government was bought by two ladies Cathy Gardner and Fay Harris whose fathers died from Covid and are angry that ministers failed to protect those in care homes during the pandemic. The High Court action was taken against Health Secretary Sajid Javid, the NHS and Public Health England.

The two women also hit out at former Health Secretary Matt Hancock for his ‘despicable lie’ stating that a protective ring had been placed around care homes.

Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas told the Havering Daily:

“Yesterday’s judgement is a terrible reminder of the callous disregard this government has shown for care home residents and workers.

“Transferring untested hospital outpatients into enclosed facilities where carers were denied access to proper PPE and even sick pay was always going to have tragic consequences.

“Staff across the country and in areas like Dagenham and Rainham nursed people’s loved ones as they died from this terrible virus, while all the while worrying about their own safety and how they were going to pay the bills.

“The pandemic has shone a light on the urgent need to reform the care sector for the benefit of staff and residents.”

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