East Area police continue their successful trust and confidence building across the three boroughs.

The Met has been working hard to establish their trust and confidence amongst local communities across London. In Havering, Barking and Dagenham and Redbridge, East Area police have worked tirelessly to promote trust and confidence across the three boroughs.

The Havering Daily spoke to Neighbourhoods and Partnerships Chief Inspector Nixon about the hard work going on locally to support local communities.

“We have established lots of different forms of public scrutiny groups so the public can fully see what we do everyday. We have a Community Monitoring group, every borough has one that looks at the stop and searches we do. That is made up of different members of the public who can look at our body worn video footage and examine the stop and searches focusing on disproportionality.

“We also have an Independent Advisory Group that are there to look at all community aspects and are also made up of members of the public. We have Safer Neighbourhoods Boards where we work on our commitment to MOPAC.

“We have also established an LGBTQ Independent Advisory Group to work with closely with members of the LGBTQ community.”

The Met has also been working hard to reduce the level of violence towards women and girls and has set up many campaigns to combat these important issues facing women.

Mr Nixon continued:

“Our Walk and Talk schemes here across East Area have been very successful. Having the opportunity to go out and share any fears you may have with female officers has been very positive for the community.

“Our Street Safe Scheme where women can report the areas they feel unsafe in online has also proved very important for us as we are able to then gather that information and deploy officers to that area. We can send patrols there to make them as high visibility as possible, to make those areas street safe.

“We also have our ‘Ride-A-Long’ scheme back now and we are encouraging members of the public to please come and join us for a ride a long so you can see what we do on a daily basis.”

East Area also has two new town centre teams one in Barking and one in Ilford that have proven to be very successful in the battle against crime and anti social behaviour.

“Since the set up of the new Ilford Town centre team, Ilford is now not a hotspot for robbery and serious violence anymore,” continues Chief Inspector Nixon.

The two new town centre teams have been fully committed to reducing the level of violence and anti social behaviour across our town centres and have delivered excellent figures in the battle against crime so far.

The Met have also been engaging with young people, listening to their concerns and establishing a Young Independent Advisory Group to work with.

Each borough is also talking to all their officers looking at the internal standards and calling out any poor behaviour under the title ‘Not in My Met.’

Across East Area officers engage with the public daily and pro actively work hard to encourage more confidence in our police.

Chief Inspector Nixon from Neighbourhoods and Partnerships.

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