Behind the Badge- ‘I can go home and say I have made a difference’.

As part of our Behind the Badge series, the Havering Daily has interviewed Detective Sergeant Lee Gordon who works in the Child Abuse team, one of the hardest and most challenging jobs in the police.

Det Sergeant Gordon does one of the most rewarding jobs in the Met, putting child abusers behind bars. It is also one of the most challenging roles mentally to have to review hours of horrifically disturbing materials. Yet, he and his team do this day in and day out and thanks to their incredible dedication and hard work, child abusers are put behind bars where they belong.

“I have been a police officer for twelve years now and two and a half years based here at East Area. I have been on this team for a year as before this I was on the Domestic Violence and Serious Sexual Assault unit”

Mr Gordon has a very interesting past however. He was previously a chef at a pub run by he and his wife.

“Policing is always something I looked at doing. I wanted to do something to make a difference rather than spending my time in a pub kitchen.

“It has been an amazing career change for me and has taught me so many skills such as being calm under pressure or conflict management.”

Doing the role he and his team currently do involves a lot of commitment and mental strength. Mr Gordon tells us:

“The hardest part is not to let your emotions get in the way, especially dealing with young children. Many of us have children and it can be so hard but the most important aspect is looking at the victim’s safety and protecting children and vulnerable adults.

“This job has a very fine line for your mental health, and as a team here we recognise how it could impact it greatly so it is important for me to keeping asking my team how they are and being as reflective as we can be with each other.”

One of Det Sergeant Gordon’s biggest accomplishment’s was arresting a murderer when he worked on a Response Team before joining the Child Abuse team.

“This job is so varied.Every day is always different and brings in new challenges but it is important that we also address these challenges head on and the best that we can.”

When he is not working, Det Sergeant Gordon enjoys running races and entering fitness competitions.

“I really do believe simplicity is the key to happiness,” finishes Mr Gordon.

Working in the Child Abuse team is indeed one of the hardest roles you could find in our society today, yet it is also one of the most important. Perhaps we can take a minute and spare a thought for Det Sergeant Gordon and his team of officers who do an incredible job putting these offenders behind bars.

Detective Sergeant Gordon during one of his fitness competitions.

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