‘It is utterly wrong to sack around 60,000 health and social care workers nationwide when the NHS is already stretched to capacity’-Andrew Rosindell MP.

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Romford MP stands with Queen’s hospital staff against vaccine mandates.

Romford M.P. Andrew Rosindell has today laid out his staunch opposition to vaccine mandates saying he ‘stands side by side’ with staff at Queen’s Hospital in Romford who are protesting against mandatory vaccination for health and social care workers. 

Staff protested last Friday outside of the hospital, as an estimated 1,300 are facing the axe if the government continue with their vaccine mandate.

Mr Rosindell has added his voice in support of the staff at Queen’s hospital and across the country.

He told the Havering Daily:

“It was great to meet with staff from Queen’s Hospital in Romford on Monday, and I am so pleased that they are standing up against the policy of mandatory vaccines for NHS and social care staff. 

I have long campaigned against lockdown restrictions since the Summer of 2020 and have vehemently opposed mandatory vaccination in any setting. 

I think it is utterly wrong to sack around 60,000 health and social care workers nationwide, especially when the NHS is already stretched to capacity. 

After speaking with the Chief Executive, I was told that Queen’s Hospital alone would lose around 900 staff, which quite frankly would be catastrophic for our area and Matthew (Trainer) made it very clear that losing even 100 staff would put a strain on services.

I find it nonsensical to introduce a vaccine mandate after two years of allowing non-vaccinated staff to treat patients, it would be folly to sack thousands of dedicated and hardworking employees after the dedication they have shown during the pandemic. 

I spoke with senior nurses and disease prevention staff at Queen’s Hospital who told me that staff to patient transmission of Covid-19 during the pandemic was close to zero, this information really sways towards the government scrapping the policy of compulsory vaccinations. 

We need people who are free-thinking and who make their own choices, it is ingrained in the British way of life to make our own choices without the government imposing restrictions and mandates on us. 

I stand side by side with these members of staff at Queen’s Hospital who are opposing vaccine mandates, it is unfair for the government to only announce a delay, they should scrap the policy immediately. 

Staff are struggling with their mental health, worrying about their future, their career and some may even lose their homes if they are fired for what is a totally ludicrous policy. 

Sometimes you have to do what is right, this is black and white and we need to oppose it.

The government should bite the bullet and change their policy, rather than delay the implementation, on mandatory vaccinations for health and social care workers.” 

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