EXCLUSIVE:Fury as heartless parking warden issues ticket to carer collecting a disabled pensioner.

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Locals angry as they witness a disabled man with his carer being given a parking ticket in Hornchurch.

A disabled pensioner was being helped into a vehicle by his carer on Wednesday 19 January in Hornchurch town centre when a parking warden chose to issue them with a parking ticket.

The carer was in the process of lifting the elderly gentleman out of his wheelchair and into his vehicle with his blanket when the traffic warden handed over the ticket. The shocking moment left one angry resident furious and lost for words.

Hannah from Hornchurch who witnessed the scene, told the Havering Daily:

“It was really horrible and left me feeling really sad. I was out walking my dog along the High Street when I saw the carer get the elderly man out of his wheelchair and slowly place him in the car when the warden just stood there watching and issuing him a ticket.

“I know the area is controlled parking and no stopping is allowed but you could clearly see that the pensioner had come out of the opticians and was obviously unable to walk and needed help, so his carer stopped at the nearest point he could. Also, it was a bitterly cold day and it wasn’t right to leave him in the cold for long.

“I actually said to the warden as I went by ‘really?-Are you really going to do that?’ and clearly he did not respond or even make any eye contact with me but just proceeded to issue the ticket.”

Since then, Hannah has been so upset that she chose to call the parking team herself in the hope that someone would understand.

“The lady at the council office was very understanding and did say someone would look into it. I know it is a no stopping zone, but truthfully it is not well marked and let’s use some common sense. The warden could clearly see that the carer was collecting the pensioner. He was lifting him into the car as he wrote the ticket.

“I did leave me really upset, it could have been my grandad. I know rules are rules but surely some kindness is needed in a situation like this.”
Hannah has been asking for anyone who witnessed this to please come forward and contact the council parking team.

The parking warden issuing the ticket on Wednesday in Hornchurch High Street.

3 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE:Fury as heartless parking warden issues ticket to carer collecting a disabled pensioner.

  • 21st January 2022 at 10:47 am

    He was in a wheelchair so the fact that he was unable to walk is irrelevant. There is a large car park round the corner where the carer could have stopped, walked back and wheeled him to the car.

    • 21st January 2022 at 5:03 pm

      Wow! That really is heartless, I can even understand the warden giving the ticket in the moment and not thinking about what he’s doing but to look at the situation in the cold light of day and still think it’s right thing to do, that’s just heartless and mean.

      • 21st January 2022 at 7:04 pm

        Must be withdrawn surely, as for the traffic warden words fail me.

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