Angry residents take on contractors after being told no more tree felling would take place.

People power was out in full force yesterday (Thursday 13 January) after local residents along Osborne Road in Hornchurch woke up to find contractors hired by Network Rail ready to cut down more trees after being told no more tree cutting would take place until a consultation happened.

Andrew Rosindell the Romford MP intervened and was told by Network Rail that no more tree felling was going to be carried on until the company embarked in a consultation with Andrew and local Havering residents about the work they are planning on carrying out.

An ecological survey was to be issued to locals and yet despite being asked for many, many times it has yet to be seen.

Yesterday, as parents prepared to bring their children to school, the contractors arrived ready to carry on destroying trees. Locals promptly approached them to ask them why they were on scene when they have been informed that no more work was to be done and yet they replied that their boss had not told them to stop.

The Havering Daily joined forces with Rosina from Havering Friends of the Earth alongside Marion and Ruth from Havering’s Climate Coalition and Jodie and Peter who launched the petition, to speak with contractors as they attempted to cut back trees. Thanks to the group, the contractors agreed to call their boss and see what the latest situation was and stopped cutting down trees.

This really is a David V Goliath battle that has united the whole community regardless of what party you stand for. Unity has been strong and feelings are high to save our much loved trees and wildlife from destruction.

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