Violence Suppression Unit achieving excellent results in East Area.

East Area’s Violence Suppression Unit has made a very positive impact on our community here in east London. Since its launch 18 months ago the team have made between 600-700 arrests last year and are keeping up their high level work ethic tackling violent crimes in our town centre hot spots.

The Violent Suppression Units were launched by the Met last year to tackle the rise in violent crime across our communities and they have been extremely effective so far in reducing the level of high and violent crime our town centres.

A joint operation was recently launched where members of the Violent Suppression Unit were joined by Dog Handlers here in East Area and has again proven to be very successful.

Last month, officers on a late turn were notified by the ANPR of a vehicle on the A406 that was involved in the large supply of drugs by an organised crime group. The vehicle was then traced to the A1306 where traffic officers were called and intercepted to ‘tpac’ the vehicle with three suspects running off on foot. The police dog then gave chase and caught all three who were arrested.

The suspects were known from Hackney as gang members and arrested for a multitude of offences.

Well done to all our officers who are working very long hours to reduce violence on our streets and do an amazing job.

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