‘This is not good enough-my heating went in October and I’m still waiting for it to be repaired.’

On October 7 last year, Natalie Busby’s storage heater stopped working following a fuse shortage. Since then, the single mum from Collier Row has been living off two fan heaters that work intermittently and do not provide anywhere near the level of heating her flat should have.

For weeks Natalie has been waiting for her heaters to be fixed by housing association Clarion and yet it is now 2022 and still she has no adequate heating.

She told the Havering Daily:

“The fuse went back in October, they came and gave me two electric fan heaters whilst I waited for them to come and repair my heaters.

“First I was told the man was on annual leave, then I was told a sub contractor was coming, then they didn’t have the part.

“Every time I ring, they inform me that somebody is coming, yet here we are now and still no one has come.

“I have two panel heaters in the bedrooms but I can’t leave these on for a long period of time. I have been using the electric heaters but one of them they provided me with stopped working and also I can’t afford the money they cost to run. It is costing me £7 a day to run this heater.”

Natalie lives near Hillrise Road and is now thoroughly fed up with the treatment she has been experiencing.

She added:

“My flat is cold and damp and there are patches of mould right across the area. I had a problem with my bathroom in May, and experienced the same type of treatment. When you log a complaint, they are supposed to be with you in five working days.

“This really isn’t good enough.”

The Havering Daily has contacted Clarion and is currently awaiting a response.

Mould in Natalie’s apartment.

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