Family left without hot water- have tank repaired yet again and told nothing wrong with tank.


Last year the Havering Daily featured the story of Matthew Halford and his family who have been living with a water tank that repeatedly stops working, leaving the Hornchurch family without hot water.

The family live on Haynes Park Court and have been at their wits end with a water tank that regularly stops working. Despite asking the housing association L&Q to get this issue resolved, Matthew and his family are still living with a water tank that they fear could break down at any moment.

Matthew told the Havering Daily:

“The water tank has been repaired yet again. I had been waiting for them to come and repair it and after your (The Havering Daily) phonecall to the housing association, they came round to repair it.

“They still insist that there is nothing wrong with the tank and that it is in perfectly good working condition, yet it breaks down on a regular basis, leaving myself and my family with no access to hot water for weeks.”

Matthew has been asking the housing association to have a power shower installed, giving his family access to hot water if the tank breaks down again.

“The power shower will be an alternative access to hot water, meaning that my family will not be left without a way of washing as they have been up until now.

“They have now offered me £300 towards a power shower if I install it myself, which I have accepted as at this stage I need to make sure my family are not left without hot water, especially in the winter.”

Matthew’s water tank has been breaking down since 2016.

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