Callous thieves steal girl’s rabbits leaving her heartbroken.


Thieves break cage to steal 12 year old girl’s beloved pets from Gidea Park home.

Callous thieves have stolen two rabbits from Amery Gardens in Gidea park between Monday 27 to the morning of Tuesday 28 of December.

The rabbits belonged to 12 year old Darcy Claydon who had reared them from babies and is now totally devastated at their theft.

The two bunnies named Oreo and Caramel, are now four years old and their theft has left Darcy very upset.

Terry, Darcy’s father told the Havering Daily:

“Darcy is heartbroken.She has had the rabbits since they were babies. Who would do something like this?”

Terry is offering a reward for the rabbits safe return in the hope that someone knows of their whereabouts.

Anyone with information on Oreo and Caramel, please email us at

Oreo and Caramel.
Darcy with Caramel.
With Oreo.

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