‘Trees for Havering’ launch gathers the community together to make it a greener Havering.

Last Saturday 4 of December saw the first Havering Daily Trees for Havering event at Havering Country Park. Havering Residents, young and old, and a variety of groups from across the borough, came together to support our tree planting campaign. This included the lovely ladies from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association who sent a team of 15 members from Havering and beyond to join us in planting trees.

The event aligned with National Tree Week and saw hundreds of trees planted on our first event.The aim is to plant as many trees as we can across the borough and make it not only greener but also to improve the quality of air.

The are certain spots across Romford and South Hornchurch where the air quality is poorer than other parts of the borough and we hope that by planting more trees across Havering, we can make a difference.

We are hoping to get another planting event arranged before Christmas and then kick off the new year with many other events across the borough.

If you are part of a business, or an education sector and would like to bring your colleagues or students along to one of our tree planting events, please see the link below.

For future events, please visit https://thehaveringdaily.co.uk/trees

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