Romford Conservatives hit back at extremists protesting outside their HQ, calling them ‘sick’.


Romford Conservatives yesterday ( Tuesday 23 November) released a statement condemning the actions of a local extremist group seen protesting outside their Western Road headquarters, the Town Hall, Aklu Plaza, ( the former Debenhams) and the War Memorial on Coronation Gardens

David Taylor, a Conservative candidate for St Edwards’ Ward, described the protests as ‘sick.’ 

“These sick, so-called ‘patriots’ even took to protesting by our town’s war memorial”, Mr Taylor said. “Not only are they trying to politicise the dead, but they are showing their ignorance.

“The group is headed by a guy who appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Young, Nazi and Proud’. He has openly praised Hitler. I can think of nothing less patriotic than supporting the Nazis who caused so much devastation to our country”. 

Since issuing the statement, condemning the group, David Taylor has received push back from supporters of the group, some of which have informed him that he ‘needs their vote’. 

In response Mr Taylor replied:  If you are a supporter of this group, if you think that a Nazi sympathiser is a British patriot, then I don’t want your vote”.

The extremist group were also seen protesting outside Romford’s new Aklu Plaza, which opened for a special sale of fish over the last week. The opening of the store has resulted in a lot of discussion and residents have raised many concerns with local Councillors. 

“We want Aklu Plaza to succeed”, Mr Taylor said. “By using the old Debenhams, the store operators have the largest and most important retail site in Romford. What they do there will set the tone for the whole town-centre. I do not want a row of vacant stores, such as the former Littlewoods. However, I also don’t want anything unsuitable for our town. Residents have raised a number of issues with us, about the store. “I have written to the management to seek urgent assurances and hope to hear from them shortly”.

A Conservative Councillor in Worthing was suspended for support the extremist group, in October this year.

3 thoughts on “Romford Conservatives hit back at extremists protesting outside their HQ, calling them ‘sick’.

  • 24th November 2021 at 12:59 pm

    Everyone who fought for Britain against the Nazis would be called Nazis nowadays for their worldview. I highly doubt if they knew how the UK would look in 2021 they would have given their lives in World War 2. White British are set to be a minority in the UK by 2066. Don’t worry as long as we don’t get called racists everything is fine. Diversity is our strength. Repeated the propaganda mantra.

  • 24th November 2021 at 1:13 pm

    Our only way out of this is to destroy the Tory party. They hate you and everything you represent, Englishman.

  • 24th November 2021 at 4:31 pm

    Tories as bad as Labour now all anti white treacherous vermin. Get rid of them all.


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