Farmers offered funds to help wildlife.


Local farmers were welcomed to the Thames Chase Forest Centre recently to share their views on the management of the landscape and hear from the Land of the Fanns team and the RSPB how they can assist farmers in protecting and improving habitats for wildlife.

The Land of the Fanns Farmed Landscape project aims to build connections between local farmers and non-Governmentalorganisations (NGO’s). It is as much about sharing information asassisting farmers to understand the range of funding opportunities currently available to help with projects that deliver benefits forwildlife and the landscape.

As part of the project there are funds available from Land of theFanns to help farmers deliver small scale projects such as creating and restoring ponds, planting new hedgerows, wild bird seed mixes and placing wildlife nest boxes. Farmers within the Land of the Fanns project area are eligible for a grant of up to £1,500 for these projectswhich will need to be completed by June 2022. For further information and an application, please contact the Land of the Fanns team at

The Land of the Fanns has partnered with the RSPB to run this year-long project which also offers farmers the opportunity to benefit fromfarm visits to help survey for wildlife on their land.

To find out more about the project, visit the Land of the Fanns website at:

The Land of the Fanns covers an area of 185 square kilometres from east London to south west London, and is an area diverse inlandscapes with much of that landscape still agricultural.

Partners in the Scheme are: Essex County Council, Forestry England, Thames Estuary Partnership, Brentwood Borough Council, London Borough of Havering, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, Thames21 and Thurrock Council. Thames Chase Trust is the lead partner and legacy body for the Scheme as it comes to a conclusion in 2022. These partners have a shared goal of enabling local people to discover, restore and enjoy what’s special about the local landscape.

To find out more about the Land of the Fanns and how you can getinvolved in environmental and heritage projects, please go to Information about the Thames Chase Community Forest can be found at

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