Andrew Rosindell calls for Havering Council to ‘better’ defend our local heritage.

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The Romford M.P. Andrew Rosindell has today written to Havering Council Chief Executive, Andrew Blake Herbert, to call on the Council to ‘better defend our local heritage’ after it emerged that a historic site in the Borough had been vandalised.

The site in question is on Rush Green Road where there is an iron façade displaying the historic Essex crest and the City of London marker post.

As Mr Rosindell writes in his letter: “This has always been a visual reminder that while we have close ties to London, we nevertheless remain a proud part of the Historic County of Essex, whose boundaries go back centuries, long before the current administrative boundaries were introduced.”

Mr Rosindell calls on Mr Blake-Herbert to “ensure that any further desecration is immediately stopped and that we restore this piece of heritage to its former state.”

Andrew Rosindell M.P. said:

“It is absolutely vital that we defend our heritage, for it is our heritage which makes us who we are. In Romford, we are Essex and proud and the historic crest on Rush Green Road is an important reminder of this fact. It must be restored to its original state.”

One thought on “Andrew Rosindell calls for Havering Council to ‘better’ defend our local heritage.

  • 17th November 2021 at 12:28 pm

    Romford ain’t in Essex, that is fact. All Romfordians are Londoners & many will defend that fact. As for Mr Rosindell, he has never lived in Essex. He was born in Romford London in 1966. If he knows his history he’ll know that counties were created as administrative jurisdictions, that’s what they originally were, & what they still are. Romford was in the county of Essex but was transferred to London by Act of Parliament in 1965. Romford is London, that is undeniable fact. Romford is not Essex, that is undeniable fact. When people like Mr Rosindell say otherwise they just come across as very unintelligent. You’re a Romfordian & a Londoner Mr Rosindell, be proud of that fact & quit tryna jump on some weird fake nostalgia bandwagon connected to a county you’ve never lived in.


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