Mawney ward councillors angry at ‘for sale cars’ clogging up roads write to Secretary of State and MP’s.

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Councillors Dilip Patel, Jason Frost and Carol Smith have written to MP’s and the Secretary of State following numerous complaints from local residents regarding the use of residential streets for the unofficial selling of vehicles by those operating vehicle trading operations via online platforms.

In a letter written to MP’s including Andrew Rosindell, the three councillors state:

“By using platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and ebay, these operations are not only side stepping the requirements to register their residential premises as business premises and thus being subject to business rate charges, they are effectively receiving tax payer funded subsidy towards the operation of their business through the improper use of the public highway and displaying notices marked ‘For Sale.’

The three councillors are fed up with the cars clogging up the streets for local residents and causing no end of problems. They are calling for the expansion of the permitted evidence criteria to include the online use of advertisments which would allow Trading Standards Officers to compare this information against reports of such activity by residents within a certain street over a given period of time.

Councillor Dilip Patel told the Havering Daily:

“Strong action was needed to stop these sellers from filling up our streets and causing endless problems for our residents. As a result, myself and my colleagues chose to write to the MP’s and Secretary of State to call for further action to be taken.”

The letter written by the three Mawney Ward Councillors.

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