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Autistic Conservative Charlie Keeble gives his views on the environment events that are taking place in Havering in today’s Havering Daily:

There were a number of stalls in Romford Market on Havering’s Climate Challenge Awareness Day, but I did not see anything incredibly practical enough to tackling climate change.

The world leaders have been meeting in Glasgow to debate and develop climate action plans at the COP 26. The presence of the climate action congress in Britain has inspired many counties and boroughs around Britain to start environmental awareness and protection campaigns locally. I have written and promoted my own ideas about the environmental strategies that can allow for the country to grow it’s economy alongside it’s environment. 

Earlier the year I wrote about how water can be conserved by homeowners in Havering if they became water conservationists. This can be achieved if they upgraded their homes by fitting rainwater harvesting systems, to take advantage of the heavy downpours from rains. Asemidetached house in Havering has a capacity to harvest 5,670 litres of rainwater a year on average. That’s just about enough to water the plants in the garden at least once a day.

There are two types of environmental activists. The ones that fight through protest and showmanship to promote a doomsday scenario to push for action by governments that I consider passive, aggressive and are full of hysteria like Extinction Rebellion. The others are the ones that I follow,which use constructive ideas and creative thinking to solve the problems of the world by inventing gadgets and innovations to solve the environmental problems. 

One piece of technology that I have high praise for is waste to energy incinerator plants. They eliminate landfill and produce electricity from the burning of unrecyclable waste so that you can produce energy by removing toxic materials that blight the landscape. Sweden pushed for waste to energy plants in the 1990s when they ran out of landfill space and decided to make their rubbish work for them. It got rid of so much toxic and harmful waste from landfills that Sweden only ever sends just 1% of it’s rubbish to landfills. Half of it is burned as fuel and the other half is recycled. 

Havering is fortunate enough to have one such waste to energy plant. This is the Riverside Resource Recovery plant in Bexley, just across the Thames from Rainham. It processes 65 MW of electricity from 670,000 tonnes a year of rubbish. This energy is channelled into the National Grid and provides enough power for around 100,000 homes. There are plans to increase that capacity with the building of another plant next door to it called the Riverside Energy Park. This will increase the capacity to around 115 MW of electricity and burn another805,000 tonnes of rubbish. As a result about 50% of London’s total municipal waste will be eliminated. 

Rainham MP Jon Cruddas has been critical of the plans to increase the capacity of the Belvedere plant because of the toxic fumes from the incinerator. I am mindful of the emissions from the plant and there effect on the air quality in Rainham and South Hornchurch. But the amount of emissions and toxic fumes from a waste to energy plant is minimal and harmless in comparison to a toxic waste dump. You have to accept that in order to conquer the harms to the environment, you must use a practical solution to fix the environment. Besides waste to energy is toxic-free in practice as it is carbon negative. 

One other counter argument that I would add to MP Cruddas’ concerns is that if you want to get rid if the nitrous oxide emissions from the energy from waste plant at Bexley, then we should give the developers an incentive to modify the design. That way the toxic fumes are further reduced. There is a device commonly used by energy from waste plants called scrubbers which control the emissions from the plant by removing harmful particulates as the burning process occurs. 

Climate activists should think like engineers to save the planet, not political protestors. If my autism was a superpower then I would use it to build a green technology enterprise that could make Havering carbon neutral. Great Thunberg was present at COP26 leading a protest staking claims to be the leadership of climate activism. Meanwhile Elon Musk was challenging the head of food security at the UN to feed the world’s poor, while at the same time he was busy running Tesla to build towards making electric cars the ultimate car of the big green future. 

There isn’t a climate emergency, there is a brain drain among nations that needs to be tackled. The more politicians and climate activists keep working towards filling people’s heads with chronic fear they are not going to save the world. They are going to mentally and intellectually cripple people so that they can’t think of a way out of this. If Extinction Rebellion want humanity to change course, then they should be promoting the inventors and the scientists to take action.

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