Moving poem read to highlight the difficulties of lockdown.

On Thursday 4th November Havering Association for people with Disabilities held their Annual General Meeting in Hornchurch.
Staff, trustees, sponsors and clients were all in attendance to hear from clients and the difficulties they have faced throughout the year.
Hazel, who is a client, gave a moving speech regarding the last year and how the clients coped through lockdown.

Hazel highlighted how HAD and other charities have had it tough over the last 18 months, she said: “The staff at HAD certainly went out of their way to support their clients through lockdown and I can’t thank them enough.”

Project Leader Julia Edgerton said:
“Thank you to all that attended. We hope that more people will become aware of the services we offer. Here at H.A.D (Havering Association for People with Disabilities) we offer a broad range of services and activities for people with disabilities with the object of improving their quality of life, promote independence and meet their physical, emotional, and recreational needs.

“We welcome and support people with a variety of disabilities and long-term health conditions. All our classes are held in our accessible Hut in Wingletye Lane, Hornchurch. We hold classes Monday-Friday. So, if you live in Havering and 18+ we’d love to meet you, pop in, and say hi.”

Hazel read a very moving poem that she had written :


Been coming to HAD for at least ten years
I can honestly say sometimes in tears
But the staff have supported me and shown me they care
That’s why I continue going there

Plenty of groups and a safe place to go
Over the years its certainly helped me to grow
It gives me a chance to meet with others
Instead of staying in bed hiding under the covers

I am truly grateful for all HAD does for me
It gives me the chance to believe and to see
I am strong enough to get out and do things new
Because the staff support me through and through

The past year has been especially tough
I tried my best but it wasn’t always enough
But the staff encouraged me to try harder
I felt weak but needed to be smarter

So thank you all for standing by me
Encouraging me to open my eyes and help me to see
I appreciate everything that you do.
My loyalty to you will always be true

Councillor Christine Smith,Hazel and Zach, Pam Light chairman, Cheryl Cable Manager and Vikki Clarke Community Inclusion Officer.

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