‘Parking chaos by builders as one tells pensioner you’ll be dead in two years.’

Residents living on Dunedin Road in Rainham are fed up with the shambolic parking along their road due to inconsiderate builders working on the nearby building developments.

Builders driving to the site are blocking up the road, parking under signs that clearly state no waiting, parking near driveways making it difficult for residents to get out of their drive and across zig zag lines.

Michelle who lives on Dunedin Road told the Havering Daily:

“We live on a bend and near a school so it is difficult enough with parking as it is. Since this building work started it has become a complete nightmare for us.

“The dustmen struggle to get their vehicles down the road, parents cannot see and cannot access the pavement properly and land up having to walk their children in the road to avoid cars parked up.

“There is a clear sign that says no parking and yet they park all their cars underneath it. This is an accident waiting to happen.”

Michelle has been contacting the Council daily to see if parking wardens can come out to the area, but this has been very sporadic.

She continued:

“Sometimes they come and do ticket the cars and other times they don’t. At times they just sit in their vehicles and look at what is going on. It’s very frustrating.”

Michelle is also angry at the very rude and aggressive attitude the builders have when residents approach them.

“We started to go and inform them that if they parked under the no waiting parking sign, then they could get a ticket. Some were polite but sadly the majority were very aggressive.

“When my father who is 74 years old went out there to speak to one, he told him to F***k off and said, ‘you’ll be dead in two years anyway’ as my father is a pensioner. They regularly swear at us, we are used to that.”

Beam Park Prospective Labour candidate Trevor McKeever has been working with residents on Dunedin Road and other nearby roads with the same problem, he told the Havering Daily:

“Whilst out talking to residents and collecting signatures for the Beam Park Train Station Petition in Dunedin Road, it became apparent that the residents are having a horrendous problem with the parking, this is being caused by inconsiderate builders working on the new Joint venture between Havering Council and Wates Building contractors.

I have witnessed this myself, with cars parked all day in no waiting areas, pavement parking in a non-prescribed area, dangerous parking on corners. This also has implications for access for emergency vehicles.

This has now led to confrontation between the builders and residents, one resident stated that her husband was told to F, off by one of the builders when he was asked to move his car from across their driveway, this kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable.

Residents have been in contact with the site manager with their grievances, he informed the residents that on induction to the building site, all workers are told to be respectful to the residents and should park appropriately, he then added that as they are contractors, he has no course of enforcement to redress the issue, the residents have also contacted Havering council to request Parking wardens to attend, this has happened, but it is sporadic and does not resolve the issue.

One resident stated that this does not bode well, what will happen when these properties are occupied, limited car parking spaces were allocated for the new builds because we were promised a new station at Beam Park, and now this is not happening.”

Michelle added:

“Apparently there are 198 units being built and only 98 car parking spaces. There is problem with parking as it is here, where are all the other cars going to be parked?”

The Havering Daily approached Wates for a quote but are still waiting for a response.

Parking underneath the sign that says ‘No Waiting’.
Bumper to bumper parking on Dunedin Road.

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