Neighbours angry at rogue builders after fire breaks out at house in Harold Wood.


Residents living on Hamilton Drive in Harold Wood are angry after builders working on a property set fire to a pile of rubbish instead of clearing it and caused a large fire that resulted in the gas main exploding.

The house is believed to have been purchased recently and being converted into four properties instead of one, although residents living next to the property are unsure if this is being done legally.

Ashley, who lives on Hamilton Drive near the property told the Havering Daily:

“We know the house has been bought recently by new people that do not come from this area and have not really engaged with us here sadly. Instead of being one house, a neighbour told me that it was now going to be four properties, however, we do not know if this is being done legally as none of us have received any notifications from the council.”

Yesterday, neighbours were shocked to see the fire go out of control and then cause the gas main to explode.

Ashley continued:

“The builders have been working here for a week. There was a big pile of rubbish that was supposed to be removed but instead they chose to set fire to it and the fire has got out of control. At one point it was actually taller than the house itself. Then we heard the explosion and we were told that the gas main in the house had exploded.

“It is terrible as we were all worried about the knock effects to our properties because of these rogue builders. I spoke with the fire fighters and they told me that they had to keep pouring endless water on the property as they feared the embers could have caught alight again and totally destroy the house.”

The scene at the fire on Hamilton Drive yesterday.
Firefighters at the scene yesterday.

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