VIDEO: Ava’s chain of kindness- a special day held at Valance House.

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A special day was held at Valance House Museum in Dagenham yesterday to celebrate Ava’s chain of kindness and to remember the lasting legacy of little Ava Cottle.

Many of you will remember two year old Ava who sadly lost her battle to cancer in March and the impact she made on our lives. Little Ava had spent half of her life in lock down due to Covid and was unable to do the things a two year old would normally do. Her parents Cherry and Leigh did their best to make sure Ava did not miss out and alongside family friend Sam, a special farm day was organised for Ava that saw many animals including cows and horses descend outside her house in Dagenham.

Ava touched the hearts of everyone in her community and across London, and in her honour a special chain of kindness was launched.

The idea came from family friend Sam who saw a bear that Ava had drawn the day before she died. It was from here that Sam decided to introduce the idea of the bear chain of kindness where each person leaves their own unique message on a bear that is then laminated and added to the chain.

The chain was launched at Hunters Hall School in Dagenham and from there spread to every school across the borough, across every Morrisons supermarket, with a total of over 10,000 bears on display. It is even being displayed at City Hall soon!

The chain of bears at Valance House.
Police officers participating in the event and supporting the community, Cancer charity support worker, Cherry and Leigh, and family friend Sam.
Ava’s parents Cherry and Leigh with Mounted Branch officers who have visited Dagenham regularly to support Ava’s family.

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