Parents cause traffic chaos across Havering.


A Hornchurch bus driver has slammed lazy parents taking their children to school by car for causing traffic chaos across Havering and east London.

The driver who did not wish to be named, spoke exclusively to the Havering Daily about the ‘utter chaos on our streets’ during peak school times.

“The level of congestion that takes place when the schools are back is really quite astounding. The longest journey’s we do in a bus are always when it is school peak times.

“People would not believe the driving and parking we see everyday near school areas. We see parents parking on yellow lines, across driveways, on zig zags near pedestrian crossings. Basically anywhere where they have less to walk, they really do not want to walk.

“I see some literally just abandon their car anywhere where there is a tiny gap for them to park, regardless of the parking restrictions, they really don’t care.

“This causes us and other road users delays as we are queuing waiting for them to park or watching them going round in circles doing all sort of driving to park their vehicle. It really can be utter chaos.”

The driver went on to tell us about one particular parent.

“Near where I live, I know one parent parked across a neighbour’s drive way, totally careless about others. When my neighbours returned they parked directly behind her so she could not get out. The mother actually sent her young daughter to knock on my neighbour’s door to ask them to move their vehicle. The audacity of these parents is quite unbelievable.”

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