Elm Park receives gold at London in Bloom.

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Well done to Elm Park who has received another Gold award at the London in Bloom competition.

Councillor Stephanie Nunn today wites:

For the third year running Elm Park town centre has achieved a Gold Award in the London in Bloom competition.

The Judge commented as follows: 

Throughout the pandemic the volunteer group have been busy keeping their town presentable and building the community spirit which can only assist with people’s wellbeing, I was impressed with how this group has reached out to many age groups and local businesses.

I could not help myself seeing the number of local shops displaying In Bloom posters and how some have made the effort to have an in bloom theme in their window displays, in addition to this the volunteer group working with the local schools have brightened up forgotten corners with interesting and informative displays of current and past projects, with butterfly and bee art work from different age groups on display and some discretely placed in the town shrub borders.

I met some very passionate people who are keen about their local heritage, wanting to build and improve their community for the future and working with the local authority have started green forgotten or misused corners, it is evident that local legion do more behind the scenes for its local residents and with individual and group talent created colourful knitted poppy displays to commemorate the legion’s centenary and tree dressing around the town, when you look closely you appreciate the effort that has gone into making these. 

The local authority planting displays are in very high order, this year’s theme is red, white and blue to link into the legion’s centenary, some of the local shops have adopted these and help tend with the watering, I looked hard and could see no misuse, no litter, tree pits clean and well-tended and planting in some, colourful planters outside the main parade.

The Horticultural Guild is established with an impressive history of achievements and to date is still working together with social events in building stronger ties through gardening and taking pride of their town centre and being a part of the In bloom project. 

It was a pleasure to be shown around Elm Park Town Centre, seeing all the groups’ efforts working with the local authority, through gardening helping to build community cohesion, taking pride in what they have achieved in a difficult year and planning for the future.

I commend Elm Park Town Centre in retaining a Gold award for this is what London in Bloom is all about.

Thank you to the London in Bloom Committee volunteers, the Elm Park Horticultural Guild, St Albans School, Elm Park Baptist Church Playgroup, St Nicholas Preschool and church members, Elm Park Royal British Legion and local businesses for all their support.

Councillor Nunn celebrating the London in Bloom gold award.
The London in Bloom display.

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