Message to Insulate Britain and all Environmental Activists-‘You are denying the rights of everyday people to live their life’.

Autistic conservative Charlie Keeble today writes in the Havering Daily his message to the Insulate Britain activists. He is just as keen on environmental activism but doesn’t believe the brute force tactics of disrupting the peace works.

If you want to solve the climate crisis then start by inventing ways to fix it instead of violating other people’s rights. 

I have been following your activities campaigning for the environmental problems of Britain. The tactics that you have used involving stopping the traffic and upholding motorists is disrupting the country. This is a dangerous and stupid way to make your point. The way you protest is not winning the argument to improve the insulation of the homes across the country. It’s is making you irritable and pestilential creatures that are sacrificing the wellbeing of this country. It’s making you hated by the British people, who see you as parasites trapped in the ignorance of your own obsessed self-righteousness. 

Especially with your patronising behaviour towards the drivers. When I watched you give a handful of money to a drive by café owner on the M25 I was furious with your pathetic patronising gesture. It looks to me like the kind of pitying I get for being an autistic man denied his right to self-determination. Your protest has got nothing to do with saving the planet, it’s about sacrificing the country’s economic output to make Britain green by the unethical altruism. Believe me I know just how to fix the environmental and climate problems in Britain through the creative abilities of engineering and building. A skill that you refuse to acknowledge because you have too many experts and activists and not enough engineers and inventors. 

There are plenty of ways Britain can be made green without anarchic disorder. In the Tees Valley an industry is being built to make hydrogen fuel for cars to replace the petrol engine. This will make the roads greener and make the cars more affordable to the common people. Currently the average cost of hydrogen fuel cell car is £60,000 and the fuel currently costs around £50 for 5 kg of hydrogen gas. That price can be brought down if there was a plentiful supply of hydrogen refuelling stations in Britain. There is currently less than 10 hydrogen refuelling stations in Britain.

It took around 10 – 15 years to build the petrol station networkfor cars. Progress in science and technology takes years to develop. It’s not something you can achieve by government action alone. You have to build the infrastructure first. Your progress on climate activism is about hysteria and doom mongering, which is not productive or helpful to the environment agenda. You are so obsessed about brute force tactics that you can’t use your head to make an intelligent solution. 

A long time ago the climate movement used to be about inventing solutions to save the Earth from a climate catastrophe. Now that it is enshrined into the political administrations of the country it’s been subverted and corrupted to be used to gain power and control of the economy. Economic policies of the green parties and activists call for strategies that can impoverish people and leave them suffering from hunger, destitution and poverty. That is very selfish. Now I know that you call me as a conservative selfish as well. The only major difference is that I don’t use my selfishness to control and dominate people to serve my agenda as the supreme objective of the nation. If your ultimate aim to protect the environment involves controlling people then don’t bother holding up traffic by sitting in the roads. Bringguns and hold the drivers hostage and seize their cars for polluting the air. 

That sounds like an extreme gesture and I know what your politics and ideas involve. It’s the reason why I detest Marxist inspired environmental activism. In my autism advocacy I use the argument that socialism is not a good ideology for disability activism because it supports eugenics. Your Marxist inspired green activism invokes social eugenics, just as you speak in terms of saving the environment by calling for reduced childbirths and punishing people for using fossil fuels. 

Do you know where Karl Marx got his ideas for his communists philosophy? He was an avid fan of Charles Darwin and he twisted and subverted the natural selection theory to create a social order in which people imitate the animal kingdom to survive. You want the weakest beings of society like poor people who can’t afford a green lifestyle to be segregated or culled from society. I am not saying this like a radical autistic conservative, I have read about this in researching about eugenics. There is a lot of social justice ideas out there that reek of eugenics inspired motivations. But you don’t see that because it’s masked as a noble cause andit’s made to be accepted by empty headed followers. 

Consider that time when a woman had a stroke and then later died, having been blocked by your protests as she was on route to the hospital. You showed no shame or guilt for what you did. You treated her death like a necessary sacrifice to your cause. When are you ever going to admit to your own class prejudices and stop denying reality? You think that ignoring innovation in green technology and denying the rights of the common people to live their lives is going to help your case?


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