National Anthem at Conservative Party Conference a ‘splendid idea’ says Oliver Dowden MP.

Conservative Party Co-Chairman Oliver Dowden has called Andrew Rosindell’s campaign to close out the Conservative Party Conference by singing the National Anthem a “splendid idea” and has said he will “have a look at it.”

Mr Dowden’s comments come after the Romford M.P. and one of Parliament’s greatest patriots appeared on Tom Harwood’s GB News show on the Tuesday morning.

Speaking to GB News, Mr Rosindell said “It’s time to restore the traditions that make us proud of our country and singing together brings everyone together.” He added that singing the National Anthem is something we should do “automatically.”

Mr Dowden made his comments in response to a question from Christian Calgie, Senior Reporter from Guido Fawkes.

The National Anthem used to be sung at the end of every conference until it was stopped in the years following the 1997 election defeat.Andrew Rosindell M.P. said:
“Oliver Dowden showed in his time as Culture Secretary that he has great political instincts on the crucial matters of identity. His firm stance against the wokesters that wanted to dismantle our culture was laudable.I am delighted to see that he is bringing those instincts with him as he settles into his new role as Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party, by backing my campaign to have the National Anthem sung at the end of Conservative Party Conference, like it used to be.”

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