Havering Muslim community come together to protest against lack of Mosque in the borough.

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Members of the Muslim community from Havering under took a peaceful protest outside of the Town Hall in Romford on Friday 24th of September.

Hundreds of residents came to do a Friday prayer service on the Town Hall green and to stand united with each other against local councillors who they feel are not allowing them to pray.

Members of the Collier Row Muslim group believe they have been denied three planning applications to have a Mosque, with no valid reason and that they have the right to pray like all other Faiths in the area.

The protest saw hundreds of Muslim members come out to pray in the middle of Romford and to listen to speeches by local councillors and activists.

Head of Romford Labour Angelina Leatherbarrow stood in solidarity with the Muslim community alongside Councillor Keith Darvill and Paul MGeary. Labour Greater London Assembly Member for Barking Elly Baker was also present to give her support to the Muslim Community.

Members of the Muslim community who feel that they have not been allowed a place to pray.
Friday prayers on the Town Hall Green.
Friday prayers.

2 thoughts on “Havering Muslim community come together to protest against lack of Mosque in the borough.

  • 27th September 2021 at 12:53 pm

    We don’t want another mosque in havering the one in bridge close is quite enough thank you although the council argued with me saying it’s a multi cultural centre it isn’t its Islamic enough is enough they all run down my road gobbing everywhere on a Friday and a Saturday for there free food bank food.

  • 14th November 2021 at 10:29 am

    Try building a church in Saudi Arabia or other muslim countries? You will most likely be executed. There are enough mosques in Britain. We don’t want this turning into an Islamic country. As a native Brit, we feel discriminated in the fact that we object to this silent take over. Why does no-one listen to our protest, our objection and our discrimination?


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