Disabled woman left with leaking soil pipe coming through her ceiling.

A disabled woman who also suffers with COPD has been left with a leaking soil pipe coming through her ceiling for twenty one days.

Jacqui, who lives on Hillrise Road for the last eleven years is on the ground floor of a four storey block and is a council tenant. On September 1 one of her neighbours on the third floor had a blockage that was supposedly cleared by a drain repair company. The same day that the blockage was fixed, Jacqui heard water coming down her soil stack in her bathroom, alongside her neighbour Lisa on the second floor who also had water coming through her bathroom ceiling.

Jacqui told the Havering Daily:

“When I say I could hear water coming down, I mean it was literally gushing down through my ceiling and my neighbour’s on the floor above.

“We contacted the council who sent round the same drain company back round and they informed us that they had broken the bath waste and the connection to the soil stack, which meant that the water coming through to myself and my neighbour was contaminated water!”

This was due to be repaired by the company within 24 hours.

Jacqui continued:

“Obviously it wasn’t. So we all contacted the council again, the tenant with the leaking bathroom was told not to use it but clearly they all did as the water carried on gushing through, leaving brown marks right across my ceiling.

“When talking to the council it became apparent that they were waiting for the same company who caused the problem to come and fix it.

“On the 9 of September someone finally came and the water did not stop but slowed down. I have now been assured by the lady on the phone that this leak will finally be fixed but we have been waiting for twenty one days.

“I am having to use a de-humidifier 24 hours a day or I will lose everything that I own. I attend hospital appointments weekly and my nurses have told me that this damp in my flat is very bad for my health and that I should move out during this time, but I can’t.

“The surveyor finally came round and saw the damage, my neighbour upstairs has had the same problems and now we are just tired of being fobbed off. The drain company have said they will only fix the leak, but what about the rest of the damage to our flats?

“It gets to the point that it is laughable, my flat without the de-humidifier would stink of damp. You feel like banging your head against a wall really.”

A spokesperson for Havering Council said:

“We are aware of the issue and continue to work with the affected residents to resolve it. Following our inspection – we can confirm that the leak is not from soiled water. 

“The repair work is booked to take place this week and any damage caused by the leak will be made good.”

Damage caused by the leaking soil pipe.
Water damage

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