Residents worried about Universal Credit uplift should get in touch.

Barking and Dagenham residents who are worried about losing the £20 Universal Credit uplift at the end of September can apply to join a Community Food Club which could save them £20 per week in food costs.

The community food clubs – a partnership between the council and voluntary sector partners, provides discounted food to local residents. Club members pay £3.50 a visit which allows them to access up to £20 worth of shopping. In addition, they are able to get help, advice and support with finance, health, training and skills to get into work.

So far, a total of 1,139 residents have seen benefits and an improvement in their lives since joining one of five community food banks in the borough.

Councillor Sade Bright, Cabinet Member for Employment, Skills and Aspiration said: “We are conscious that the effect of cutting universal credit, together with the planned increase in National Insurance as we approach the colder weather at a time when people are trying to get out of financial difficulties will have a knock-on effect on the ability of some residents to get through the autumn and winter months. 

“There are a number of community food clubs across the borough, and I would urge residents who may be worried about their finances to get in touch.”

The community food clubs have helped residents to reduce their overall debts by £78,017 and saved a total of £170,869.50.

To find out more, residents can head

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