Mr Jones’ jesting continues.

Local resident Leo Jones continues his jesting on some of the recent articles in the Havering Daily.

Anyone would think that some of our local MP’s might be off on holiday again. Julia Lopez stepped out front and centre earlier,regarding the flooding issues and actually arranged for something to occur. It’s been well over a month since the mid-August ‘stake holder’ meeting was due to take place to determine the issues surrounding the flooding in Abbs Cross Lane, and it is extremely disappointing that to date, nothing has been heard from her regarding the problem. At least the readers and residents deserve is an update as to what is actually happening. A simple press release isn’t difficult. MP’s, the Romford Conservative Association and the Council Leader, are quick enough to issue one when it’s to their benefits.

On top of that, it’s more than two months since Julia had a meeting with Tfl concerning the Gallows Corner flyover. She promised an update when she received a reply. Fair enough, she may or may not have received one, but again, a simple statement to keep us informed, would not go amiss. The one thing we all hate, and I guarantee all political figures from all parties will appreciate too, is the lack of information that is given when any situation may occur. I guess MP’s and their kind have never suffered from that when they go on holiday and their flights etc. are delayed. Maybe they really are, as they consider themselves, the privileged few, and are actually informed, whilst the rest of us are just left to stew over the problem.

You started off so well Julia. Don’t become another ‘all talk no action’, MP, like some of your colleagues. Just give us all an update on the issues you have involved yourself with. That way, you alone, as a conservative, will be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of Conservatives in positions of power – whether that’s in Parliament or in City Hall.

‘Autumn Blitz’-a cleaner Havering launched. 

Wow! What a brilliant idea Mr White, to set up an ‘Autumn Blitz’team to clean up Havering as part of your recovery plan following the Corona Virus Pandemic. Was that another one of those 50p suggestion scheme ideas, similar to the ‘Mugs for Employees’ brain wave?  It is as plain as the nose on one’s face that the streets around the borough have become not been cleaned for many weeks. And in some instances, for well over a month. That is not due to the pandemic. When the pandemic first started, the cleaners were out and about just as regularly as they were before then. The real problem is due to the numbers of essential staff leaving in their droves.

So what was your response to that? Apart from the ‘mugs for all’, it certainly wasn’t to consider employing more staff; that’s obvious. More likely, the idea of the ‘Autumn Blitz Team’ is the Council’s way of keeping costs down by way of less staff, but ‘bigging up’ how effective the Leader of the Council is in the ‘City Hall’ Team’.

So, this blitzing team will be targeting each area over the coming weeks, starting in the north of the borough, then working their way down, ending in Rainham. What is going to happen to all the streets in all the other areas as the team works their way south? No points for guessing that those streets will just get dirtier until the team eventually reaches them. Meanwhile, in all the areas just cleaned, the dirt will return until the team gets back round to cleaning them again. Makes sense… to some that is.

You need people to clean the whole of the borough, all of the time, not just a part of the borough, part of the time. If brains were dynamite in some people, they wouldn’t have enough to blow their own noses. And, why couldn’t the team have started in Rainham and work northwards? Simple. Rainham is not con controlled, so it can wait.

Almost didn’t spot you without your orange Hi Viz. Seems as though there can’t have been a different colour available because orange was already being used by others.

Beam Park Station bombshell.

If ever there was an article that demonstrates the effectiveness of Conservatives in positions of power – whether that’s in Parliament or in City Hall, it’s this one. Effective Conservatives – breaking promisesas normal; but we already knew that anyway.

This government, and ‘puppet’ Council are very keen to turn Havering, but specifically and especially, South Havering, in to a concrete jungle. Right now, Mr Rosindell, would be a great time for you to bring your letter writing skills to the fore again. You could also ask your protégé to write one as well, considering the immediateeffect his last one had on Priti Patel. Instead of writing to Helen Oakerbee, Assistant Director of Planning at Havering Council,complaining about the ‘proposed’ developments in ‘your own backyards’, both of you could write to the Housing Minister asking him to reconsider the scrapping of the previously agreed Beam Park C2C station.

By working with the Conservative Leader of the Council, you might be able to quickly put a stop to this patently wrong decision, and categorically demonstrate the effectiveness of Conservatives in positions of power – whether that’s in Parliament or in City Hall. They are still pink, prepped, and ready to fly.

Don’t give up on this one Mr Cruddas. We all know what to expect from this lot in power, whether that’s in Parliament or in City Hall…  nothing for the real people who are going to be affected by this overdevelopment and lack of infrastructure.

Regarth Road residents angry at parking issues.

You really do wonder if the people in charge of the Parking Department actually know what they are doing. Judging by the continued number of articles about incorrectly issued parking tickets, it is quite clearly obvious they don’t.  It is also obvious that this same stupidity has been spectacularly passed on to the people who dish out the tickets like confetti.  I suppose you had to find some way to recover the money being lost by all the broken Pay & Display machines.

The resident said the Parking Warden did not have much English, so could not respond. If this is correct, it further undermines the intelligence of those running the Department. With all the complexities and number of parking contraventions, it is an absolute MUST for all Parking Attendants to be able read and speak English fluently. So, if true, not only do we have incompetent people in charge, it appears as if we have incompetent people issuing parking tickets when they don’t know or understand all the contraventions.

You couldn’t make it up. And let us not forget, the residents have reported the ongoing misuse of Blue Badges, in the road. Didn’t the council promise a crackdown on said misuse? Maybe the particular Parking Attendant was just a little bit confused and over zealously issued the ticket to a blue car instead.

Don’t give up on the incorrect tickets. Just look at what the grandmother did with her dispute of an incorrectly issued parking ticket.

Disabled woman left with leaking soil pipe coming through her ceiling.

Another council property and another fiasco created by the ineffectual people in charge, as well as the failings of the contractor who caused the problem in the first instance, then took 24 hours to effect a repair that wasn’t. What does the council do about it in reality, they just fob it off and make the usual bland statement, “We are aware of the issue and continue to work with the affected residents to resolve it.” Adding, “Following our inspection – we can confirm that the leak is not from soiled water and the repairs will take place later in the week.” Nice to know you were aware if it, but as for getting it resolved, you’ll do it when you get round to it.

So that makes it alright? It doesn’t matter that it still leaks, but it’s not soiled water, so you can put up with it until we get it repaired. Is that what Council tenants pay their rent and council tax for? Yes, a substandard service from a substandard council. We all know that there are both bad tenants and bad landlords. And we all know that the council is first in the queue to criticise these bad landlords, but unsurprisingly, never seem to criticise their own failings as a landlord.

Still not had any response from a parking department smart a*** responding to any of my parking questions in a previous article. Come on, there has to be at least one who thinks they know it all. Sadly, I guess not. If you get a ticket, fight them all. Just overwhelm the department and make them earn their money. What’s next, the Pay & Display machines? That’s another story too. And, you wouldn’t believe it! A teaser…, utter incompetence off the scale!

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